Adjusting To The New House

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We’ve been in the new house a little over a week now, and everything is going marvelous! We’re so happy to be starting our adventure as a family in our very first home we own! We both wondered if this day would ever come, and ill tell you now, it was worth the wait!

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The girls have been adjusting very well! The first few days were a little rough with sleeping. Indie and Esme had the hardest time. I spent those first three nights sleeping on their floor because they wouldn’t go to sleep without me. After a few days in the home, exploring and getting comfortable with their surrounding, they settled in nicely. Naps got back on schedule, and soon they were all going to sleep just fine!

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Our house is nowhere put together yet, but we’re working on one or two projects every day. We were able to get the living areas put together pretty quickly, and I think that has helped tremendously with the adjustment for the kids. The bedrooms, garage, basement, and offices are still a work in progress. Hopefully this week we can wrap most of them up.

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The hardest thing has been going without a kitchen table. We decided in the move we wanted to buy a new table that would fit better in this house and go with our decorating. We put the old one in the basement right off the moving truck. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find the right pieces we love yet, so the girls have been eating on their small play table, and Ash and I have been hovering over the counters, LOL. Hopefully we can get the kitchen table knocked out this week. That would complete most of the main floor!

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A cold front has moved in here recently, so the the girls have been locked up in the house the past few days. This has been a little rough because they are dying to get outside and explore their new surroundings. They are constantly looking out the front door and back windows trying to figure out how to get outside to start an adventure. I hope we get a few warm days here and there so we can get outside and enjoy some fresh air in our new neighborhood.

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We did get to sneak out back for just a bit, but the wind kicked up and forced us back inside within minutes!

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We visited our new church this last Sunday, and we all absolutely loved it. The girls loved nursery, and there were plenty of new kids their age to make friends with. The neighbors have been very welcoming, stopping by with cookies and tips for the area. Although the move is new, we feel like we are right at home! 

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Nothing was going to stop us from decorating for Christmas though, and we all had so much fun decorating the tree!

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Hopefully over the next few weeks we can get the house together enough for me to do a blog tour with lots of pictures!  That is my goal! Hope you enjoyed these updates from the new Gardner Manor! Lots more to come!


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