Happy National Siblings Day!

  Today is national siblings day and I was thinking about how lucky I am to have all my siblings....When I say  'ALL' it is a different meaning to me than it is to some. I am the youngest of 5 children Jeff is my oldest brother then Whitney, Leslie and Blake then I am at the … [Read more...]

Because of Him

Happy Easter to everyone! This has been a wonderful Easter weekend! We have spent much time with our little family and have enjoyed each others company. This weekend has caused me to be able to reflect more on our MANY blessings. Jesus Christ our Savior sacrificed so much for us … [Read more...]

Indie and Evangeline 3.30.15 Pulse Ox test results!

THEY ARE ALL OFF OXYGEN!!!! APRIL FOOLS!!!!!- But isn't this the cutest picture ever???? I died when I was taking these! SOOOOO SWEET! I did the exact opposite when the doctors office called me with the results! She said "They didn't pass!" I said "This better be an April fools … [Read more...]