Most Frequently Asked Questions Are Answered

    Q. When are the babies due?       A. The actual due date is March 11th but Quads won't last the full 40 weeks so they expect the babies to be here around Christmas or New Years! Q.  What are the sexes of the babies?        A.  We are having 2 sets of identical twin … [Read more...]

Silent Auction

Help us out by 'sharing' this flyer for the silent auction that we are throwing for Ashley, Tyson and their quad squad! We appreciate your love and support through this amazing journey. Thank you, thank you and we hope to see you at the auction on October 11th from 6-9pm. xoxo … [Read more...]

So Generous!

Seriously some amazing people out there!!! These packages have been so awesome! They make my day! Thank you so much for your selfless generosity and kindness you have shown to me!!! Thank you so much for this awesome package Becky!!! … [Read more...]

Sixteen Weeks Update

Week Sixteen Update: This week has been GREAT! I am more full of energy and I'm able to eat food and I'm not nauseous!!! Yay!!! We get to see the babies tomorrow and we both can't wait! It has felt like so long since I've seen them wiggling around in there! We should find out … [Read more...]