We Choose Our Outlook In This Life

I've always found it important to choose a positive outlook when faced with challenges in this life. Often we find ourselves in burdened with life's tests. It is easy for us to see these as trials and sometimes give up. I would encourage all of you against this way of … [Read more...]

Newest Pulse OX test results for Scarlett and Evangeline!

So we did another Pulse Ox test on Monday on Scarlett and Evangeline! The results are in! We were really hoping that both girls would get off Oxygen and monitors today but that was not the case! We are happy to let them have it as long as they need it but I'm telling you that is … [Read more...]


What a transition this has been for us as parents. There are many days when we just plop on the couch, look at each other, and wonder if we know what we are doing! Our lives have changed forever, and so has Bentley's! Bentley was our firstborn. I know you might think I am crazy … [Read more...]

Sometimes when Mama is all alone with the babies….

Sometimes when Mama is all alone with the babies she plays dress up and does a photo shoot! I mean how could I resist when these babies are so stinking cute?? It all started when they all ate and fell asleep. Scarlett decided that she was going to puke all over her PJ's and not … [Read more...]

Pulse Ox test results!

So we received the results to the pulse ox test to see who was ready to come off oxygen and monitors! The results were EXACTLY as I suspected!   And the winner is......   Scarlett and Evangeline were so close! We will repeat their test in one week and Indie fail … [Read more...]