People Have Asked A Lot Of Questions About My Microblading

I provided a glimpse into one of the realities of motherhood with a 34 second video, that ended up going viral, featuring Indie spying on me while I was hiding in the pantry attempting to enjoy a treat in a moment free from quadruple chaos. I never imagined capturing her with her little face pressed to the floor in an effort to to see under the pantry door to reveal what she was missing out on and then she simply saying “hi,” would ultimately result in an invitation to the Ellen show.

I’m confident this video can relate to anyone responsible for raising a child. Sometimes you need a moment to yourself, and that’s okay. Looking after one two-year old is a daunting task, looking after four of them is just short of mission impossible, and time to yourself is few and far between.

Personal time has become priceless because now it’s pretty much as rare as a unicorn. Choosing how to spend that time can cause an inner struggle. I might be running a circus, but I prefer to avoid that appearance whenever possible. There are days when the stars align and I get to shower, do my hair, and put on makeup.

Time constraints really impact how much I get to “get ready,” and with four two-year olds, believe me, every single second counts. By far the biggest time saver for me when it comes to getting ready is from microblading my eyebrows. My eyebrows always look perfect, so I never need to spend anytime on them. Think about that for a second… no more eyebrow routine. The ten minutes I spent drawing, shaping, and filling to accomplish perfect brows now goes to whatever else I want.

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where pigment is implanted in the skin using a specialized hand tool. The results mimic the appearance of real eyebrow hair and help enhance shape and fill in sparse areas. My microblading was done by, Brows by Whitney, and I would never trust anyone else with my eyebrows. The procedure wasn’t painful, and I honestly could not be happier with the results!

As a matter of fact, when the producers of the Ellen show contacted me via Skype to discuss the details of us coming on the show, the first thing they mentioned to me was how they thought my eyebrows looked perfect. I explained to them what microblading is and how my eyebrows are the result of expert microblading from Brows by Whitney. Check out my before and after microblading pictures below.

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– Ashley

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