Update On All Things Indie

Im so sorry I didn't get these all up within the same week as I usually like to do, but it has been a whirlwind over here at the Gardner house with House Planning, our businesses, girls being sick, and all the other surprises life throws at you. Enough with the excuses already! … [Read more...]

Quick Updates On Our Family – March 6th 2017

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to drop a few updates on what the Gardners are up to currently! I am still planning on going into more detail in the personality blogs for our family, as well as the our new home, Doctor and Dentist Updates, Family Vacations, and TLC, so stay tuned for … [Read more...]

The Patchery

   So who else is dying over these outfits? I'M IN LOVE! And the girls??? I dont think they could get any more cute!!! I have told you all about The Patchery before, it's seriously such a fun website! You get to design your own clothes! When I stumbled upon this … [Read more...]