How To ‘Fix’ A Broken Book


So for Easter I bought the girls this super cute book form Costco and they have all loved REEEEEALLY loved it! Loved it a little too much..       Between the 4 of them, despite my efforts to teach them how to treat books, this is the … [Read more...]

One Year Ago Today My Family Was Complete Again


February 28th 2015 was a day I had been waiting for months! I just didn't know it!     The last 8 days had been the longest 8 days of my life because during that time I didn't know it would only be 8 days. I thought we had weeks to go before my little Indie Pie would join her … [Read more...]

Girls’ first road trip-A Visit to our Besties


So on Saturday we took a road trip to Vernal! Our best friends live there, it's seriously so beautiful where they live and the best part about their house is that I don't get any phone service! It was so nice to kinda get a break from everything and just hang out. Because we have … [Read more...]