The Slip N Slide Tradition

Yesterday was probably one of the most exciting and fun days we’ve had this summer! We have started a tradition with the Bingham and Revelli families to do the most incredible slip n slide every summer. This was year 2 of our adventures and it did not disappoint!

Stepahanie’s parents are always so gracious to host the part at their home. Probably the best place to do it since they conveniently have a built in hill in their yard that is specifically made for events like this! We definitely have to thank them for hosting!

We also tweaked the party a little yesterday to include Mindy’s birthday celebration. She turned the big 32 the day before! We even got Charlie Brown to show up (we have connections)! We love being able to celebrate these fun events with such close friends and family! Always makes everything so much better! Happy Birthday Mindy!

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Image may contain: Mindy Castillo Bingham and Ashley Weisenburger Gardner, people smiling, tree, outdoor and nature

The girls were a little tentative at last years party, but this year was a completely different ball game! They all loved the slide and were running back up the hill themselves to do it again before mom and dad could even recover! They have their mother’s spirit for these activities!

One of my favorite parts of the night was watching the girls interact with their best friends! They have so much fun together!

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Indie even went to the extent of sharing her delicious popsicle with Hazy!

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This pic sums up who the crazy people are in our family!

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And who the party poopers are! LOL Just kidding, these two did great, just took a breather at the end with daddy!

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This is what happens when your wife and friend talk you into doing something fun for the vlog! LOL

Image may contain: 2 people, including Ashley Weisenburger Gardner, people smiling, outdoor

And when the whole crew goes down together…..

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, outdoor, text and natureImage may contain: Ashley Weisenburger Gardner, smiling, outdoor

Always a good time with these people! Hope you enjoyed the vlog as well! In case you missed it, I’ve posted it below for your viewing pleasure! Love you all!







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