Things I've Learned Since Becoming a Dad


Every day is a new journey for Ashley and I. Our lives have changed dramatically since we found out we were expecting quadruplets! The journey has definitely taken us on a roller coaster ride, and even though I hate roller coasters, I wouldn’t trade the ride for anything in this world!

A few things I’ve learned since becoming a Dad:

  1. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my children!- The moment you see your child for the first time cannot be explained fully with words. It is a moment that you will never forget, yet never fully be able to express. You forget about your worries, your job, your hobbies, and in that moment, your focus is your family. As I watched my incredible wife give birth to 4 beautiful, yet small babies, I knew in that moment there was nothing I wouldn’t do for Ashley and my children. All 5 of them had me for eternity in that moment moving forward!
  2. You will never be 100% prepared for parenthood, do not be afraid to Fail!- 8 years of preparing for parenthood couldn’t prepare me for what God was blessing me with. Although I wanted to be the best and most prepared at everything that was coming, the simple truth is, I was not. Guess what, that is ok. Every experience in life teaches us something. I truly believe that. Learning from our experiences is one of the most importing growing measures we can take as humans. I’ve learned that when I simply “don’t know”, its ok to admit it. Learning along the way allows us to grow, and better yet experience life with our spouse and children, learning and growing together.
  3. Family is everything!- Ashley and I would not be where we are without our family and close circle of friends. They have been our support and inspiration. They have encouraged us and given us hope. They have loved us and been there every step of the way. They know our struggles and our successes, and are with us for all of them! Family has been a blessing to us. It has taught us what we want to strive for in this life. They have shown us what we want to be for them! They love us unconditionally, and that love never disappears! What we have learned from learned from them has in turn penetrated our souls and taught us what we want to teach our children about family. We could not be as happy as we are without our families in our lives. Families are Forever!
  4. God is perfect, he has a perfect plan, and we can be a part of that if we choose!- In a short 34 years of life, I have learned to understand who God is. He is our Heavenly Father, and we are created in his image. He loves us unconditionally and wants us all to return to his presence to live in glory forever. He has given us life, and agency, and allowed us to choose our path. How important is that when you ponder it. He does not force us to do anything, but teaches us correct principles and allows us to choose for ourselves. He has given us a Savior, Jesus Christ, to atone for our sins, as we all know we are not perfect. But we can repent and be clean and still be able to enter into his presence when the time is come. Although this life is filled with ups and downs, I can truly say I have learned more from the downs than ups. Yes, we all love the successes, but honestly, I wouldn’t appreciate them without the trials. My trials have made me who  I am. They have taught me to believe in something bigger and more true than what I see in the world around me. My trials have opened my eyes to reality, and have given me hope for something better. When something better came along, they gave me perspective on what life is all about! God knows us, he loves us, and he wants us to succeed in all we do! He is perfect yesterday, today and tomorrow! He is always there for us! I have an unwavering faith in this belief, and it brings me peace every day of my life, especially being the newly appointed Father of Quadruplet daughters!!!
  5. There is good in the world!- The support and love we have received since the beginning of our journey has been incredible! Starting from our basic support system of family and close friends, our circle has grown to include family and friends all over the world. I do not believe this has no purpose. There is one moment I will never forget while traveling on our journey, and that is our trip to Los Angeles to have emergency surgery on one set of twins suffering from TTTS (Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome). As Ashley and I prayed and cried knowing the circumstances, we were overwhelmed by the spirit of God that all would be well! Tens of thousands of prayers came in all over the world. People messaged and emailed. Commented on our page. Many people actually typed out there prayers to a higher being and we read them out loud! No matter the religion, their higher power, or belief, they were all united in prayer at that very special time asking for a common blessing. How INCREDIBLY POWERFUL that experience was to Ashley and I. From my mouth, we felt immediate comfort and solitude from those prayers, and Gods spirit filled our bodies and minds and let us know everything was going to be alright! The people of the world did that for us. They selflessly prayed on our behalf. They asked nothing for themselves, but for the protection and safety of our girls, babies they had never met, seen or touched. They asked for something beyond their grasp, yet they all had a hand in the outcome! There is more good in the world than we know! I testify of that with every fiber of my being! I encourage you all to focus on that daily as we all encounter our struggles!
  6. There is nothing more important than Love!- As I look at my wife and children everyday, I constantly think, “What do I want them to get from me today?” The answer is always the same; Love. I want them to feel loved, and I want them to know love. I try to teach by love. I try to talk with love. I try to show my children how much I love them and how much I love their mother. I want them my children to see love in their parents relationship, because that is what I want them to experience. I never want to them to feel unloved. I realize they will make mistakes and there will come a time that I will have to explain that, but I want to do that with love in mind. I think this might be my most difficult task, but I will do that! The love that we have in our homes, we take with us when we go out into the world. The way we treat our families teaches us how we want to treat our friends and neighbors. What we learn in the home, we  practice in the world. I want love in my home, and I want to share it with the world!

These are just a few thoughts I had this morning, and I wanted to jot them down before they slipped away. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, and thank you all for your love and support! You will never know how much it has truly meant to my family. We are forever grateful!




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This is the story of our 8 year journey with infertility ending in an IVF treatment and now pregnant with quadruplets! We feel blessed beyond measure.
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