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2 And A Half Week Update On Scarlett's Hand

We just got home from taking Scarlett to her 2 and 1/2 week hand check up. They wanted to see how it was healing and check for infection. I was a little concerned about infection even though she had been on antibiotics because two nights ago she had spiked a fever of 102.2. All the girls have had colds so I kinda figured that was what it was but we were happy to go get it checked out to be sure.

The doctor was in so fast and we took the wrap off. Scarlett immediately started making a fist. Im sure she was so happy to have that dang thing off her hand. The doctor said that was a good sign. He was happy to report that she has full range of motion in her finger and everything was looking great!

I noticed a little stitch that had pushed its way though the skin and he sent the nurse in to check it out. It just slipped right out and all was well with that.

The doctor said that her hand and fingernail look great! What he said next was music to my ears and probably would have been to Scarlett’s had she understood what he said. She doesn’t have to have the wrap on at all anymore! WAHOO! I was so happy for her. I cannot imagine how miserable it would be to be stuck in that thing all day. He also said that she can go right ahead and take a bath too! She is going to be so happy about that in about an hour when she realizes that she is not being rinsed with her hand in the air anymore. She will finally get to play in the bath again with her sisters! YAY!

I am so happy to hear all of this! He wasn’t to see her back again in 4 weeks to check it again but he is super happy with how it is healing! He said she will lose her current fingernail and he is hopeful that a new one will grow back. He isn’t sure how it will look but he thinks one will come back. Im just happy that she has her finger! 

This process has been so stressful for Tyson and I, Scarlett doesn’t seem to mind it or care at all which I am happy for. I think as a parent you feel your child’s pain. Im just so happy with how well she has done with all of this. She has completely left the wrap alone and has not messed with it at all. She is so sweet and I’m so happy she is doing much better! 

Thank you to all of you for your love and support! You are all so amazing!

-Quad Mama!

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