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2 Year Doctor Check Up

Can you believe its been 2 years already!!!!! Time has absolutely blown by. We are both shocked and surprised by how fast this life moves. The girls continue to grow and develop at a rate that sometimes leaves us trying to catch our breath, but we’re hanging on!

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The girls 2 year check up went extremely well. The doctor was so happy with all aspects of their health, and ill tell you, a parent never gets tired of hearing that! The staff is so great about letting the girls get comfortable before their check-up, even to the point of redecorating the office! We love our staff!

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Indie assisting Dr. Mumford! LOL

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Here are the girls growth stats; Keep in mind these are very wiggily 2 year olds, so the doc said give or take and inch or pound respecfully:


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Weight-22.49, 4.89 %tile

Height-31.25, 5.37 %tile

BMI-16.19, 43.3 %tile


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Weight-23.48, 11.35 %tile

Height-31.5, 7.64 %tile

BMI-16.63, 55.78 %tile


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Weight-26.46, 48.3 %tile

Height-33, 36.95 %tile

BMI-17.08, 67 %tile


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Weight-27.56, 63.04 %tile (Champ again)

Height- 32, 14.36 %tile

BMI- 18.92, 93.89 %tile

So you can see the sets of twins differ a bit, which you can see with your own eyes. Evie was our weight champ again, but Scarlett got the edge on height, barely. What Indie and Esme lack in height and weight, they make up for in sass. Trust me!

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Overall the check up was a great success. Their motor functions, verbals, and reactive functions were superb! We feel so blessed and grateful to God to have these 4 miracles in our lives and to watch them consistently defy odds and show themselves as true miracles. We owe our gratitude to God for this blessing, and to all of our wonderful doctors and nurses who continue to take the most amazing care of our miracles! We have truly been blessed!


I’ve attached the vlog from the check up as well, please enjoy!

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