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4 Month Check Up!



Today the girls had their 4 month appointment! Which means shots for all the girls!!! It was a crazy day! Have you ever had to take 4 infants to the doctor at the same time? Just getting them ready to go is ordeal enough!

I started getting them ready last night! I packed the diaper bag and got their outfits ready!

Just getting them all dressed and loading them all into their car seats and then into the car took about 45 minutes to make sure we had everything ready! I started getting ready to leave the house about 10:15 and the appointment was at noon. We still don’t have a car big enough to hold all the babies so my awesome friend Sam let us borrow her car again to get to the doctor!


Our awesome Pediatrician’s office and their staff are incredible! They texted me this morning and told me just to text when we got there and they would send the army down to help bring the babies up! They are always to helpful and always go the extra mile for us and everything! I couldn’t live without them! They still see us on their lunch break and sanitize everything before we come to assure that their are no extra germs lingering around.

They help us haul them upstairs then we have to unload them from their car seats and then undress them all to be weighed! The girls did awesome on their weights! They are getting SO big! I cannot believe how far they have come and how well they are all doing!

Today Dr. Mumford just went down the line and did a whole exam on them all. He started with Indie and then on to Esme then Scarlett and then Evie. After each one he gave them a grade and I’m happy to announce they all got an “A++++++” to quote the doctor exactly! 🙂 He said he cannot believe how well they are doing still for being quads and 29 weekers! It’s been so nice to hear that from all the doctors so far! These girls are real fighters and have a purpose for being here on the earth!

  6 7 8

Next came the really sad part…..SHOTS! We are so thankful for the awesome staff though! They had it all planned out today and brought in 4 nurses, one for each baby and did them all at the same time.


The babies cried, I cried and then the nurse handed me over Scarlett to snuggle! One really sad part about shot day with 4 babies is that its physically impossible to comfort each baby. We do what we can and then the nurses step in and snuggle them to help! We really are so grateful for the Doctors and staff who have brought us this far and who will continue to see us through!



Here is the saddest video you will ever watch! I cried! Poor things! I’m glad they had such good nurses to care for them!



Evie even had a real tear after it all!



The girls are weighing in at “Fatty Pies” I’m so happy with their weights and lengths!

Indie- 8.25 lbs Length- 19.25 in

She was not happy I had to wake her up to take her out of her car seat when we got home!


Esme is 9.66 lbs and 19.75 inches long

She needed a big stretch after she got home


Scarlett is weighing in at 9.63 lbs and 20.75 inches long



Evie is our heaviest at 10.45 lbs and 20.75 inches long


These two had some snuggle time when we got home! Poor little babies! Ezzy has her hand up like she is saying ” Nope! No more pictures I’m done today! You guys had those bad guys poke me!!” Poor little things!



Well we don’t have another doctors appointment for 2 months so hoping they will just stay happy and healthy for the next little while! We sure do love these babies and I’m so happy they are doing so well!