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A Blog All about Bentley

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Bentley has been such an integral part of our family since we brought him home over 6 years ago. He was our first baby, truly! As many of you know, we had struggled with infertility for years. Ashley was always asking for a dog, and I was always hesitant as I never grew up with animals and didn’t want to deal with the messes I thought they made. LOL. (Nothing compared to 4  toddlers). As we were working towards our 6th year of infertility, I knew it was time to do something. I told Ashley we needed to get a puppy. I think in my mind, I was so tired of failure after failure with the whole pregnancy part of our lives, that we just needed a win! We needed something to love. That something became Bentley!

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We found a little of purebred yorkies that were about an hours drive from our home. I had done all my research on what the best house dog would be for us during this time. We lived in a very small basement apartment, and our landlords were very old, and not quite fond of animals. Luckily the wife loved dogs, but just couldn’t care for one herself; I knew that was our in!

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When we arrived at the home of the breeders, there were only two puppies left of the litter of 6. Bentley and his brother. They came walking out to the yard with their mother (who looks so much Bentley). I picked up Bentley’s brother first. He immediately flailed himself all over and tried getting out of my hands. I put him down and he was bouncing all over the place like a pinball. I looked at Ash and I think she knew what I was thinking; this dog is nuts! I then picked up Bentley. He just sat there calmly in my arms and stared back out into the yard. He was so soft and so tiny. He didn’t fight or wiggle at all, just sat there calmly. I knew this was our dog. I gave Ashley the look, and handed him over to her. She was in love.

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He sat on Ashley’s lap the entire ride home and didn’t make a peep. We could tell he was kind of sad leaving his family, but we hoped he would love us just as much. Heaven knows we had plenty of love to give him! That night we were ready and expecting him to whine all night. We had heard horror stories from friends. He didn’t make a sound. He slept through the entire night. Ashley woke up so worried something was wrong with him. But when we opened his crate, he just lifted his head and inched towards his new mama! It was the cutest thing ever! He was now ours, and would soon be the most spoiled dog ever! You all know how our families spoil and dote on the girls. They did the exact same thing with Bentley. He was the golden child for an age!

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Although the years have gone by, and he’s not an only child anymore, Bentley still fills our home with love. He will always hold a special place in our hearts, and he filled a very large hole when we were searching for answers. He was there for us physically and emotionally. He seriously is the best dog ever!

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He’s transitioned to the best brother ever too. Since the moment we brought the girls home, he’s been so very protective of them. He sensed the nature of their frailty and knew his boundaries right away. This didn’t stop him from loving them though. He always stayed close and just waited patiently for our signals to come a little close. Pretty soon, Evie was pulling his ears, and he was preparing for the next phase of life. LOL

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Bentley has been an answer to our prayers, and we feel so blessed to have such and amazing dog as part of our family! Recently we poured some cement slabs in our backyard, and we all did our handprints in them to have that moment frozen in time forever. Bentley’s paw print went right next to his moms. We love our little Bentley Bear so much! We’re so grateful he’s ours forever!

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