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A Dad and his Girls


Being the oldest of 10 children, and 8 of us being boys, my world has always been blue. Pink was a color I didn’t know much about! I loved growing up with so many brothers. We always had much in common and shared bonds that will never be broken. Whenever we showed up to play a sporting event somewhere, we had our own team! It was so much fun, and still is in many aspects!

When the ultrasound tech told us that we were having all girls, I was in complete shock! I mean, I was at least expecting 2 boys with my gene pool. That was not the case. Those short months of Ashley’s pregnancy really gave me anxiety. I didn’t know if I was cut out to be the Father of 4 girls!! I knew without a doubt Ashley was perfect fit, but I thought she might have to hold my head above water for me more often than not!

As the time passed, and we prepared mentally and physically for these girls to arrive, I began to adjust as well. I was no longer in shock, now just anxious. I wanted to know for myself if in fact I was cut out to be the Father of 4 girls. As the pregnancy progressed, and we overcame trials, I knew that at the least, I was going to give everything I had to being the dad that God thought I was made to be. I was still nervous, but determined.

As all you parents out there know, the first time you lay eyes on your child, there are no words for what you feel. There is a love there that cannot be matched by any other. This in fact was the case for a nervous Father. As the days past, and precious time was spent with 4 beautiful baby girls, my anxiety soon left. As they held on to my fingers, I knew there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for these girls. In that moment, I knew I would be ok, and that God’s decision to paint my world pink was the correct decision. Over time, I would learn that if I could turn back the clock and make the choice myself, I’d in fact pick all girls as well!

As I sit here today, deciding which color of headband will match the girls outfits, i know that i am not out of place, but in fact in the exact place i should be. As a father who was once scared to death he wouldn’t be able to offer anything of importance to his daughters, he is now fully confident he has much to offer his daughters.

I am so thankful for the opportunity God gave me to be raised with all my brothers and 2 very strong sisters. I am also grateful for the perspective God has given me now raising 4 miracle daughters. I know it is early and i have much to learn and much more to be grateful for, but today I am happy with my blessings from above. Today I say thank you to a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed me beyond measure with something I didn’t even know was a blessing.