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A Few Things I've Learned as a First Time Parent 

These are just a few lessons I’ve learned over the last few months of parenthood. I wanted to share them with you today. 

Never give up on your dreams! Yours might be waiting right around the corner. Take that extra step, that leap of faith. Persistence pays off!  
Learn time management. Children are a lot of work, and worth every second. Don’t steal their time away.  
 Laugh as often as you can. I find its the best way to alter your mood, and it’s also contagious. 
  Kids love Donuts! It’s ok to share them every once in a while! 😉

 No matter how small you are, or what obstacles you have to overcome, never, ever give up! I am amazed daily at what I have witnessed these girls do!!  

No matter how many times you pick up the toys, your always going to turn around to this. Keep calm, this is normal. If you are OCD like me, I’ll pray for you as you pray for me! 
  Kids thrive with quality time. Make it a priority! 

  No mess to clean up will ever be more important than these smiles!  
  Taking care of a sick child in the middle of the night brings perspective. Selfless behavior grows from this sacrifice of sleep. A mothers natural instinct to care for her child overcomes her want/need for anything else.  
  What used to be your favorite night of television is now your “favorite” night of Baby Einstein!  
  No matter how hard you try, sometimes your children are just going to cry. I’ve found this to be normal.  

 Children are smarter than we think. A child knows a persons voice. Even one it hasn’t heard for months. They are like tiny sponges, soaking up everything! Keep that close in mind!  

  Prayer is a mighty tool. Use it often and watch how much difference it makes in your life! 

Life brings with it unexpected curve balls. I’ve found in my life my curve balls have prepared me for personal growth and opportunities that become blessings. Embrace the unexpected. 

 One of the most beautiful things I’ve been able to witness in this life is Ashley carrying our daughters and giving them life. A mother is truly an amazing calling from God. So much responsibility given, and hard work required, but not without reward. I love, cherish and respect my beautiful wife for her sacrifice of self for her family.mothers truly are the most selfless beings on earth.  
 A bond between a parent and child is unique and sacred. Always encourage love, faith, hope, charity, growth, and a little nonsense now and then! 👌🏻 
  What you teach your children in your home is far more important than any other knowledge they will receive. What you teach them daily they take with them out into the world to share.  
 Never horse play with the baby just after they’ve eaten! Bad things happen!!! 

As my sister says, “Family is Life”! There is nothing more important in life life or the next than family!   

Happy Sunday everyone!!! Thank you for letting me share my thoughts!