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A 18 Month Insiders Update On The Girls Unique Personalities









I got a little spark of energy today and did little mini photos shoots with each individual girl. I was gushing over how these photos turned out so I just had to share with a little piece of their personality. I thought that since they are now 18 months old it was time for an update.









Indie is so sweet, dainty and petite. She is a total mama’s girl and when I ask her to give me loves she lays her head down on me and says ‘awwwww’. She loves to throw everything in site. She enjoys ‘doing laundry’ which consisted on carrying clothes around with her and putting them on her head and just moving them from side to side making piles. She is a firecracker and loves with all her heart. She is usually the first to say new words but will not ‘perform’ on command. She is very ‘Indie’pendant and doesn’t let the fact that she is the smallest hold her back. She likes to do her own thing. All the girls will be playing or getting into trouble together and Indie will be over playing quietly with her toys. Our family wouldn’t be complete without her!

Current Nicknames: Pie, Pot Pie, Indie Pot Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Turkey Pot Pie, Potty Pie…mmmmm does anyone feel like eating Pie now? hahah









Esme is a character. She is the comedian of the group and very social. She loves to read books more than anything else. She has her own hashtag ‪#‎EsmeFaces‬ on Instagram because she is so expressive! She is a fighter and will fight to the death for anything she feels is ‘hers’. She is a problem solver and is the first to figure out how to break through any barrier we have put up to contain her. She will wiggle her way in between things to get where she wants to be. She loves to sit on everything…example: Drawers, buckets, baskets, water tables and anything else she can climb into. Our family wouldn’t be complete without her!

Current Nicknames: Ezzy, Sezzy Ezzy, Eshmee, Smee, Monster (it’s all out of love)!









Scarlett is the diva! She is the only one who’s hair is still perfect by the time she is ready for bed. She is the cleanest eater ever. Everyone else will be a total mess and she won’t have one drop on her. She likes to pest her sisters and is very sneaky about it. She laughs hysterically when we tell her ‘no’ and keeps doing what she is doing. She is a total daddy’s girl and once she sees him walk in a room she will follow him around whining until he picks her up. She loves his rough snuggles and playing with his hat! Our family wouldn’t be complete without her!

Current Nicknames: Scarley Barley, Barley, Barles in charge









Evangeline mostly known as Evie is so sweet! She is the most cuddly of all the girls and the most sensitive. She is overly happy and in a split second uncontrollable sad. She will sit and snuggle with you forever as long as you are tickling her back. She is the most friendly of the bunch and will go to anyone who wants to hold her and lay her head on your shoulder. She has the friendliest smile and will show it to anyone. She gets along with all her sisters equally and will play nice with everyone. She loves Bentley the most and will throw the ball to him and play tug-o-war with him. Our family wouldn’t be complete without her! 

Current Nicknames: Evie, Lishy, Licious, Delicious Licious, Heavers, Hebber, Ever, Evs

We are a nickname kind of family if you cant tell. And surprisingly enough they all answer correctly to all of their individual names! These girls are getting smarter by the minute and I love watching them grow and discover the world. 

-Quad Mama

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