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A Look At Our Home Security System And The Features

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We have been extremely excited and satisfied with our new Qolsys Alarm system that we installed a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to do a review and just let you guys know all that they have to offer! When building our home, Ashley talked about a security system non-stop. This was definitely a priority for our family that needed to be taken care of upon moving in!

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When we moved into our new home we knew it would be important to have a reliable security system, but it wasn’t just about keeping the bad guys out, it was about managing our home and making sure we protected the things that mattered most to us: our family and our home. There’s only so much we can leave up to Bentley! LOL.  This protection extends far beyond burglaries, but includes protecting our home against fires, floods, natural disasters, and more. It was also important to enjoy the energy savings that come with having a fully connected home, one that intelligently activated or deactivated things based on where we were and what we were doing.

That’s why we chose the Qolsys IQ Panel 2. It was super thin, simple to use (very important for me, as im not the tech genius that Ash is) and looked amazing on the wall. It included really cool features like a built in camera, Bluetooth Touchless Disarming, and all the security sensors were encrypted so we knew we couldn’t get hacked. One of the first questions Ashley asked, and they knocked it out of the park! It’s the top of the line security panel available, and it connects to literally dozens of smart devices installed throughout our home to make things safe and energy efficient. Visiting the Qolsys website we were able to easily find a professional security provider near us (click here) and after a short consultation from a security consultant they were able to tell us exactly what we needed based on our home’s size, our individual needs, and our budget.

The day of installation we were really excited, (check out the vlog here) and the team at Qolsys was really good at explaining everything before they started. By the time they were done we have a whole bunch of really cool devices that did a lot of cool things. Take a look at our table before installation!

The girls obviously wanted to help out! The team was great about putting them to work!

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Here’s our favorites:

-The IQ Panel is a 7” HD Touchscreen with a built in camera. It looks awesome on the wall and it’s easy to use.

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-We paired our phones with the panel using Bluetooth and the system disarm automatically when we get home, no codes to type, we don’t even take them out of our pocket!

-The mobile app is awesome! We can access our home from anywhere, and there’s even an Apple watch app!

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-Our video doorbell lets us see our front porch from our phone, and even talk to visitors before we let them in!

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-Our front door is smart, so we don’t need keys anymore. We each have our own code to open the door and we assigned codes to friends and family to use when they come over.

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-We have flood detectors under every sink so we’ll get a text message if there’s ever a leak.

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-We have smart smoke detectors that will automatically call the fire department if there’s a fire, whether we are home or not.

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-We have cameras all through the house and we can see anything that’s going on from our phones. Feels amazing to be so connected and aware of what’s happening in our home.

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-We get a text message if we forget to lock a door, close the garage or arm the security system when we leave

-Our thermostat adjusts automatically when we leave a door open or drive away from home, saving us on our energy bill

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We’re learning more and more every day about the technology and how it works, but we feel more connected to our home than ever before. We are so grateful for Qolsys and the security and peace of mind they have brought to our family! Ashley is also very grateful she has a new tech toy to play with! LOL.

Check out this commercial below by Qolsys that will give you another idea of what I’m talking about!


If you have any questions about security, please visit their website above!