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A Look At The Girls Together Over These First Two Years

I was going through photos today of the girls reminiscing so many memories, tears were falling from my cheeks. I cant believe how incredibly blessed Ashley and I are to have these wonderful blessings in our lives. We truly are rich  beyond our wildest dreams, and it has nothing to do with money!

I wanted to share some of these photos today with all of you, because you have been right here on this journey with us! Take a look at some of these photos, and let me know the memories you have of them on our page when I post. Id love to discuss them all with all of you!

Love this Patriotic post we got this summer. Look how proud Scarlett is to be an American!

This one. One of my all time favorites. Talk about the cool kids on the block!

We had so much fun at this photo shoot with Loni Smith. The girls were so happy and showing so much personality! Hard not to love this one!

One of the first collages of them all together. Obviously we couldn’t photograph them together this early as they were all in separate incubators covering an entire room, but we were lucky they were all in the same room! Look how far they’ve come!

We cant forget their very first Easter. Ashley was so excited to finally be able to dress her daughters up in Easter dresses. Bentley looks so stoic looking over his sisters!

This years Christmas session is quickly becoming my favorite! There’s just something so magical about the holidays! Miracles do happen, and the girls are a testament of that. You can even see that sentiment on Santa’s face!

Daddy’s Girls. This is what it looks like when Dad’s in charge. No stress!

As rare as Quads are, can you believe seeing 4 unicorns at one time!!??

These girls definitely know their way around a film set. Sometimes, I think even the producer wonders who’s in charge!! LOL

This is how I envision Heaven. My girls surrounded by beauty.

4 very chubby forest animals.


My favorite pajamas we’ve ever bought them!

Too Sweet for words


Their eyes really grab me in this picture

Do you think they love the water?

Its never too early for yoga!

Look at those smiles!!!

First Christmas

I love this picture so much, its hanging on the wall in our Living Room!

Gobble Gobble


My very squishy Red Riding Hoods

Teachers Pet


First Studio Interview

Just another day in the park. Their faces kill me!!!

Uncle Joey’s Wedding Day

First 4th of July, one of my favorites!

Sisters Forever

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these pictures as much as I have! They are so special to us, and we are so grateful that we’ve been able to document so much of these first years! Its going to be even more special when we get to share it with the girls when they are older!


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