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Utah Valley Magazine Cover

A few weeks ago we got a call from Utah Valley Magazine asking us if we would accept their offer to be featured as ‘Person of the year’ in their January/February issue. Our jaws dropped! Us? Really? Wow! We felt so honored to even be considered for this and we accepted! 

When the day came for the photo shoot I still don’t have anything picked out for the girls or Tyson and I to wear! I was a mess! I pulled it together last minute and only made us run 30 minutes late to the photo shoot…..that’s pretty good with 4 babies I think! 

Photo By Utah Valley Magazine

We shot for about 25-30 minutes and we were all done. The girls were so good during it all. They were a little distracted by all the lights and couldn’t keep their hands off the water bottles, but they did amazing!  They are seriously the nicest people ever down there and I’m so happy to have gotten to know them! 

Later that night the editor, Jeanette, came over to see what it’s like with quads. She jumped right in and played with the babies and helped us feed them. 

Photo By Utah Valley Magazine

 It had been such a fun experience and it’s kinda weird to be walking into a grocery store line and look over and see my family staring back at me! Hahah What an honor and we are so grateful and humbled by this experience.  Make sure you check out the magazine article here

Also, here was our Vlog post from that day of the shoot!

And here is today’s vlog post of the girls holding their magazines….

-Quad Mama Bear