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A Private Concert For The Girls By Stephen Henderson










A few weeks back Stephen Henderson came to visit us and put on a private concert for the girls. His album called Outside Looking In was released April 29th, 2016 and we are obsessed with it!

Stephen and I grew up calling each other cousins! That’s all I knew “This was my Uncle Ray my Auntie Malia and this is Stevie, My cousin.” The truth is that Ray, Malia and my mom and dad were all best friends and not really related but as a little girls I didn’t understand the difference. I will never forget the day I found out we were not “real” cousins…I was devastated! hahah

Their whole family would come over and our parents would all banish us to the “Big Playroom” or the back yard and they would play Pictionary for hours! None of us kids seemed to mind because we were having a blast on our own anyways! 










Stevie, his little brother JoJo and I would find old newspaper and one of us would close our eyes and scribble crazy on it….This now became our treasure map for the house. I lived in a a large house so the possibilities were endless. We would follow the scribble around the house (along with a little imagination) and try to find treasure. Most of the time it would just lead us up into the tops of closets where we would climb up and find nothing but some dust and maybe an old pair of shoes. We didn’t seem to mind as our imaginations were taking us to somewhere close to Neverland! 

Here we are in this photo along with The Jets who stayed at our house one time with the Hendersons. I remember it being a big party the whole time with good food and lots of music! It was incredible and I was star stuck! 











Fast forward to a few weeks ago and Stevie came to visit again! It was so fun to catch up and I am so proud of him and his amazing talents and I was star struck again but this time it was by Stephen! Not only is he an amazing artist but he is just a good person all the way through. 

Stephen, Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule and catching up with ‘family’. It was an amazing thing watching my girls fall in love with you and we cannot stop listening to your music! We have dance parties in the living room with your album turned up loud and the girls love it! 









I worked hard editing this video for all of you so that you could see some of our experience from this day. Evie was in love and everyone else was too. Make sure you take a minute to watch it. Below I will post all the links to where you can download his new amazing album for yourselves!



Make sure you download the album and show this talented musician your love and support! We love you Stephen!

Here are all the links to digital purchase and streaming:


Apple Music:


Google Play:


This is the link to buying physical copies:


-Quad Mama!