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A Typical Day In The Life Of The Gardners

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Many of you ask what a typical day looks like for the Gardner Family. I thought this was an excellent topic to blog about. Every day is its own adventure at our household, but we never step away from our basic game plan which has gotten to this point!

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Being parents of multiples, your schedule definitely becomes more rigid and stable than it ever was before. For the sanity of yourself and those around you, consistency is key! Here’s a basic look at what we normally do on any given day!

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Good Morning! – The girls usually rise between 7 and 730. We will go in and change their diapers and give them a morning bottle along with a book or puzzle. They absolutely love this morning time to just wake up and then get their brain moving! We love it as well, because it gives us that 30 minute window to get anything we need to get done early before the girls are out of their cribs and on the move!

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Getting Dressed – We usually wait for the first scream of boredom, which is within that 30 minute span, and then we move in. We typically get Indie and Esme up first and take them into Scarlett and Evie’s room to get dressed. Most of their clothing is in that room, so it makes it really easy. We’ll let all the girls out of their cribs, and they roam the room playing with their toys and stuffed animals as we get each girl dressed one by one. As most of you know from our vlogs, after this is finished, one of the girls favorite things to do is take their pajamas to the laundry, and throw away their own diapers. They are very self-sufficient, and we love that about them!

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Breakfast- At this point in the morning, we move the party downstairs. We now get the girls situated around the adult table (they have graduated the high chairs), and get their breakfast ready! If mom is doing breakfast they usually get eggs and sausage, cold cereal, or toast and yogurt. When dad does breakfast, its fresh fruit and yogurt, or a donut run. This goes without saying!

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Post Breakfast – This is where most days deviate from the beaten path. The time after breakfast and before lunch can vary greatly depending on the weather and how much work mom and  dad have to get done that day. If the weather is great, we always try and take the girls out early in the day and let them run out their energy and enjoy the outdoors! They love being outside. Some of our favorite spots are parks, the water fountain at the mall, touring our neighborhood while pulling their wagon, or visiting grandmas house and picking up sticks in the yard! This is also the time to get any shopping done if needed, mostly Costco runs for household needs! I’m sure many of you have seen these on the vlogs as well!

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Lunch- After we’ve had play time or shopping, we usually return home for lunch! We really try to get the girls to work out as much energy as they can before lunch, as this always enables a good appetite and even better, a great nap!

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Nap- After lunch, we get cleaned up, and its off to bed for nap time! Most days, if the girls have been busy enough, they take a great nap! Some days they just sit in their and talk to themselves, but that’s good too, and we just let them have quiet time. Or should I say, we enjoy quiet time! LOL.

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Work! – During nap time is when Ashley and I get a good chunk of the work done we have on the agenda that day. Ashley usually goes downstairs to her office, and I go upstairs to mine. She works on the Lipsense business, and I focus on A Miracle Unfolding shop and social media and emails.

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Post Nap- Once again, if the weather permits, we like to get back outside and let the girls enjoy fresh air. This is also the time family and friends are getting off work and school, so we usually have a visitor, or meet up with them for an activity. If the weather is bad, we stay inside and read books, work on puzzles, color, or tidy the house, which is always needed! LOL.

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Dinner – Dinner time for us is usually 530-6pm. The girls have usually worked up an appetite by then. Some of their favorite dinners are mom’s Chicken and Rice recipe, Mom’s Meatloaf, and of course pizza!

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Bath Time- We usually bath the girls every other night right after dinner, unless we’ve been outside or had a really busy day out in public; then they get a bath no matter what! This is probably one of their favorite times of the day! They love bath time! Sometimes we put them all in the tub together. If we want a more calm bath experience, we’ll put twins together in separate bathrooms.

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Jammies! – Picking out their nightly pajamas is always so fun because they have so many cute sets. We usually always dress them the same, unless their is an accident and one needs to be changes. We were doing nightly pajama pics for a while which were so cute, but they are so difficult to keep still these days, and especially at night as sometime they are getting cranky and ready for bed!

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Winding Down- After bath and jammies, this is when we start the winding down process. We usually always do this together, all 6 of us, and it can include reading books, putting puzzles together, learning shapes, chasing the mommy monster, or even watching a favorite show. This is one of my favorite times of the nights because the girls usually get really snuggly at this point!

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Bedtime! – These days, the girls usually go down around 8pm. They are usually pretty tired at this point (along with mom and dad), and go down pretty quick. There are those days when they sit and talk for about an hour, but more rare than not that they stay up past 9pm.

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Work! – After we put the girls down, Ashley and I take a brief moment to catch our thoughts, and then we go back to our projects. Most days their is one business that is demanding time over the other, and we like to work together at night, so we’ll tag team whichever needs more attention!

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We try and wrap up ‘business work” by 10 pm so we can retire to the bedroom to relax. This doesn’t mean we are done working however, as this is the time we edit our vlogs. As most of you know, during everything that I just wrote about above, we are usually vlogging good portions of all of those activites  for our daily video we post on our Youtube page Gardner Quad Squad. This can take anywhere between 45 minutes to a  few hours depending on how much footage we have, and how we are editing that night (music, pictures, cutting down film, adding text, etc.).

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During this time we are usually in our bed and halfway watching some show in the background, usually Office or Friends re-runs.

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This is our day, give or take. I hope this vlog answered the questions that have asked. We appreciate you all and love your very much! Hope you all have a very amazing weekend!


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