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A visit to our NICU family! 

On Saturday we took a trip down memory lane and visited the girls first home! It was so awesome to see all our NICU family that we did and we were sad to miss the ones who weren’t working that day! 

 Everyone was so excited to see the girls and couldn’t believe how big they are now! They said they were so proud of how exceptionally well the girls are doing! 

 It was so awesome to see everyone loving on our babies again! These are the incredible hands that took excellent care of my babies so they could come home to us! We are so grateful for everything they have done for us and we know we were in the best hands possible at Utah Valley Reginal Medical Center! These doctors and nurses know exactly what they are doing! 

It was kind of a weird feeling for me to step back in there! It kind of made me sick and made me miss it all at the same time! As I processed through these feelings I know that I for sure do NOT miss the girls being in there but I miss the friendships and relationships made there! These people really did become my family! We hung out every day all day long and they saw me cry tears of all emotions! We have bonds that cannot be broken and I’m so grateful for that! 

Everyone wanted their pictures taken and the girls cried a bit! I liked to joke that they knew were we were and did not want to be there! Haha 

Dr Minton was so sweet and it was so good to see this incredible man again! We owe so much to him! He was there with from 16 weeks pregnant and on! He took incredible care of me while I was pregnant just by checking in on me everyday and by easing all my fears through a tough pregnancy. He was one of my number on cheerleaders- along with my good friend nurse Kari-He kept me going! Then when the girls came he had their best interest at heart and did everything for them! He also continued to take care of Tyson and I. 

One time when he girls were in the NICU Dr Minton had to go out of town for business. I was so sad because he had seen the girls for the first 20-something days of their lives! Even when he wasn’t working he would come in to check on them!  I didn’t want him to go but I knew he had to! While he was gone Indie took a little dip. She wasn’t tolerating her feedings very well and they thought she might have a bacteria! I was so scared and my go to guy was not here!!! She wasn’t looking too good and wasn’t moving much or crying. She would just lay there! I wasn’t able to hold her and it was killing me! The doctors were doing everything they could and were doing an excellent job I might add! Dr Minton flew in a few days later and walked over to her bed and started talking to her. She immediately started squawking at him and kicking her legs and arms around! We all laughed and joked that she just missed her ‘Grandpa Minton’! 

Dr Minton took us to dinner on Saturday after our NICU visit and it was so great to catch up with him! I truly have a special place in my heart for this man and I know we will be close for many years to come. 

We walked over to where I was on bed rest for 7 1/2 weeks to see who was working and I got to see one of my nurses. I looked over and my room, LD5, was open! I had to walk in and take a picture.  My heart fluttered and a slew of emotions rolled over me.  So many memories in that room! I spent a lot of time there, and all the holidays for 2014! Lots of support from all of YOU! Cards and packages, family time, one on one time with Tyson- I think we grew even closer through those 7 1/2 weeks. So many memories that I cannot name. 

I am so grateful for the time I had there and the people I met! Our goal was to make it to the NICU! That’s where we wanted to make it and we did! Then our next goal was home. These people helped get me through everything and I’m so grateful for the relationships I have built through this journey!