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Answers to Yesterday's Trivia Blog!

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Hey Everyone! Thanks for playing Gardner Trivia with us yesterday! We had so much fun reading all of your answers! Seriously blown away by how much you know about our family! You guys are incredible!!! Here’s the Official answers to the questions!


Ashley's siblings









  1. Can you put the Durls in order from oldest to youngest? Indie, Esme, Scarlett, Evangeline.
  2. What are the girls main nicknames? Indie Pie, Sezzy, Barley, Lishy. But any of there others would do as we mix them frequently!
  3. What kind of candy does Ashley hate? Chocolate!
  4. Which Durl had to see the heart doctor around 4 months? Evie
  5. Who was our first crawler? Scarlett
  6. Who was our first walker? Scarlett
  7. Who was our first talker? Indie
  8. Who was the first to get teeth? Esme
  9. How many siblings does Tyson have? Bonus: What are their names? 10, Denver, Drake, Bo, Joey, Jackson, Elijah, Garrison, Madison, Oakland.
  10. How many siblings does Ashley have? Bonus: What are their names? 4, Whitney, Leslie, Jeff, Blake.
  11. Which twins share rooms? Indie/Esme and Scarlett/Evie.
  12. Who did Tyson work for before we started our business? BlenderBottle.
  13. Does Tyson own a  pair of pants? Yes, although they all look brand new as they have little wear! ;D
  14. What clothing size are the girls currently in? 18 month
  15. Which twins had TTTS (Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome)? Indie/Esme. Indie was the recipient, Esme the donor.
  16. Which parent is OCD? TYSON!!!!

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Thanks so much for your love and support! Hope you are all having a great weekend!!! Love you all!