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Ashley and Indie Go Viral

Its been a very crazy and exciting week here in the Gardner house! As most of you know, Ashley’s video about hiding in the pantry while she had a snack has gone viral! This is always such an exciting thing, but at the same time, very hectic. We haven’t had much rest this week as we’ve been fielding emails and media requests from all over the world!

How exciting though to share a single moment from our day with people all over the world. We’ve been very blessed to do so. I think the reason this particular video has been so popular, is that most mom’s can relate to “that moment”.

Indie really made the video at the end as Ashley pans down to underneath the door, and there she is; waiting patiently. And of course, that “Hi” in her angelic voice just sealed the video a success!

So far we’ve done segments on CNN and the Today Show, and been seen on The View, People Magazine, Carson Daly’s morning show, Right This Minute, and Huffington Post! What a wild week!

We want to thank all of you who have continued to support our family and watch our videos and posts! You all are so much a part of our family and our success! We love you dearly! Thank you for loving us!

I’ve posted below a few of the links from media we’ve done this week! Please enjoy!