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Ashley Elizabeth Gardner

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For my final blog on my girls, I thought it would only be appropriate that I tell a little bit about Ashley on Mothers Day!










So today’s blog is all about my sweet Ashley!



















From the first moment I saw Ashley, I knew she was special. She had such an outgoing, adventurous spirit about her. It was contagious. Her laugh was comforting, and her smile warm and inviting. She was also beautiful beyond her years!


Ashley is the best person I know. She is warm and compassionate. She thinks of others often. She has empathy that is unmatched. She is a comforter. She cares about others feelings. She is a great listener and very understanding. She inspires people by her example. She is loyal to her loved ones and friends without question. She loves unconditionally. She makes everyone around her feel comfortable and welcome in any situation. Her heart is pure, and her intentions always loving.

Some people don’t know that Ashley is very anxious. She has dealt with this much of her life. She hates speaking in front of big crowds, and never wants all the attention on herself.  I’m sure this surprises many of you because you’ve seen so much of her in the public eye. This was a concern for both of us early on, as we didn’t know how comfortable either of us would be. Luckily for us, God had a plan for our family, and he has provided a way for that plan to exist. Ashley has become a natural at being in front of a camera or a crowd. I think one of the factors that has helped her bloom has been her devoted attention to infertility. Raising awareness and giving people hope has become her goal. This has taken the fear and anxiety away for the most part.


Ashley is the youngest of 5 children(3 girls, 2 boys). This has fared well for us in our marriage, as I am the oldest of 10. We are like puzzles pieces that found each other and fit perfectly.

Ashley is a master esthetician. Many of you ask all the time how Ashley looks so great, and how she does her makeup, and why her skin looks so young! Obviously genetics play a role, but her education and diligent daily routine are a big part as well. Ashley was so good at what she learned that after she graduated from school, the school asked her to stay on and become and instructor; teaching what she had learned to new students. She did this for a year, and then took a job at Med Spa working under a plastic surgeon. She ran this spa for almost 2 years.

Ashley HATES chocolate! This was almost unreal to me. I didn’t realize this was even a possibility. As long as I’ve know Ashley, there has never been one piece of chocolate we have come across that she likes, and I’ve made her try plenty in hopes that this is all a big hoax! On the flip side, you may wonder what sweets she does like? Let me put it this way; anything you’re 5 year old child would like, its probably her favorite! This includes pink bubble gum ice cream from Baskin Robbins, Skittles, Fun Dip, Starburst(but only the pink), Now and Laters, and anything sour!!

Ashley hates the cold weather! Living in Utah, sometimes the winters can be hard on her. Usually after the holidays, she gets in a little funk until April when the flowers start blooming! All of a sudden she’s like a kid in a candy store (with no chocolate of course).

Ashley loves, loves, loves, loves to have her back tickled or her hair played with. If you know anything about love language, Ashley is a touch. This was hard for us in the beginning as I am the opposite, definitely not a touch! After finally figuring out our languages and needs, our marriage has been dramatically enhanced, as we make sure each other’s needs are being met!

Ashley has endometriosis. This was the main cause of our infertility battle. She went through several treatments trying to undo the damage that was done before we had a diagnosis. After that, it was a process of keeping it at bay so we could get pregnant. Any of you who know about endometriosis know how difficult that can be while trying to conceive. She still has this disease, as there is no cure, but the pregnancy certainly helped lessen the symptoms and pain, thankfully.

Ashley’s favorite holiday is the 4th of July. There are a couple of factors here; her birthday is July 20, and she loves the warm weather. These factors coupled with family BBQ’s, swimming, and fireworks has made this a holiday she always looks forward to!

Ashley has changed my life for the better. She has inspired me to be a better man. She has taught me to look outside what I know, and learn about others and their trials and successes. Ashley loves me unconditionally, and that is a blessing. I am not perfect by a long shot, but her patience has allowed me to get a little better every day. Ashley’s goals are simple and pure, asking nothing of others and seeking no financial gain. This has also been an inspiration to me as she has taught me what is truly important in life and where our focus ought to be. There is nothing more important than family to Ashley.




Ashley is the love of my life. I couldn’t imagine sharing this life or the next with any other woman. She truly defines unconditional love. How truly blessed I have been to have found her and to be able to experience the ups and the downs of this life with someone who understands their purpose. There will never be a day that I will stop loving her or wanting to be by her side.

On this day, Mother’s Day, I am extremely grateful to my Father in Heaven for his abundant blessings; but none more that being able to call my sweet Ashley “Mother”. This is a calling she has waited patiently for, and she is extremely deserving. I know without a doubt my girls will be loved unconditionally throughout their lives, and there is nothing more important than that.

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet Ashley!


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