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Ashley's Birthday in Seattle


Ashley had an amazing birthday in Seattle! We decided to vacation with our best friends for this trip, and we had an amazing time! I thought I’d share just a few short updates and pictures with you!

The first day in Seattle we ventured through Pikes Place Market. You could literally spend all day there. We checked out the fish market and settled on lunch there at a small cafe overlooking the piers and water.

We then strolled down to the Waterfront. Our first stop was the Giant Ferris Wheel which operates right on the water!

Next we took the Ferry ride across Puget Sound to the Bainbridge Island. What a quaint little village. We shopped, ate some good food, and found some fun souvenirs for the girls!

For Dinner, we picked a restaurant right on the water known for their seafood. Although the food was so-so, the company was grand, and we had a great evening!

Day two we hit the main tourist attractions, but not before lunch at Dick’s! It didn’t live up to the hype.

From there we walked a few blocks to the Space Needle. I must say, this stop did not disappoint! Magnificent views of all points of Seattle. Amazing to see!

After the main attraction, we visited the EMP Museum; a pop culture museum. This was particularly interesting to music junkies like Steve and I, as we got to see a lot Nirvana pop culture, as well as Jimmi Hendrix, and so many guitars you could go blind!

After the museum, we ended up back at Pike’s Place Market to eat dinner at a local suggestion, Ettas. It was excellent seafood and we had a very relaxing dinner as we nursed our sore feet and backs from walking all over Seattle.

Day 3 was our last day in the city, and we saved most of the day to expolore Pike’s Place Market again, really wanting to find some fun souvenirs for the kids and family, and just enjoy all that there is to see there!

We tried the fresh made donuts, saw the flying fish, all the local shops and vendors, and got some really tasty fruit from the local farmers market!

Lunch was fun as we sat overlooking the market, watching the chef’s and their helpers prepare our food start to finish!

After the morning and lunch at the market, we made reservations to do the underground tour. This is a tour of what Seattle used to be. There is way too much history to go into detail, but it was very intriguing learning about how Seattle came to be. As a matter of fact, it made me a little homesick for Utah. If you have time, check out the underground tour, and you’ll know what im talking about!

After the tour, we of course were hungry, so we picked a famous Fish house on the water to end the trip on. Ashley wanted seafood for her last meal, and they brought her out a plate full of crab. Mission accomplished!

After stuffing our faces, we decided since we were so close, we needed to see one of Seattle’s most disgusting attractions. The Gum Wall. It did not disappoint! I could barely stand there for a picture. Ashley and our friends thought it was so cool, and wanted to take a ton of pics, and keep putting gum up. I lasted about 2 minutes. Not my favorite part of the trip.

That pretty much concluded our trip. We flew out early the next morning back home to our durls, who we desperately missed! Although we had such a great time being away and having some alone time with each other, it was nice to get home! Seattle was a very fun city to explore and had much to offer first time visitors, but Utah is home, and always keeps our hearts.  Dorothy said it best, “There’s no place like home”!


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