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Australia was Amazing, But We’re Glad To Be Home!

Being away 10 days is quite a long time for two parents that get to spend every day with their children! Im not going to lie, we both had some serious withdrawls over that span, which is why I’m so glad to be writing this blog from my office in my hoodie with the girls covering my desk in stickers at the moment!

Don’t get me wrong, Australia was amazing! We just always miss the girls when we are away from them! The 75 degree coastal weather and warm atmosphere helped a lot though! We feel so blessed that we were able to experience Australia and New Zealand for 10 days all thanks to Ashley’s job with Senegence! They truly have been an amazing company to work for and we’ve felt very blessed to be a part of their family! If you want to learn more, check out Ashley’s Facebook page here!

Ashley and I really had a wonderful time spending so much quality time with one another. We got a chance to reconnect, plan ahead, and just enjoy some us time. Every marriage needs this so often, and I recommend making the time for one another. You’ll be blown away at the difference it makes in your marriage and life!

We spent the first week in Sydney exploring the city and getting to know our Australian distributors from Ashley’s team. This was the first time we’ve met some of them in person, so this trip was full of great opportunities all around! Although we did work quite a bit, we found plenty of time to explore and experience a lot of the city and unique things it had to offer such as the famous Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, sailing on the ocean, and trying out so much seafood I think we  met our quota for the next 20 years! Ill post some pictures below for you to see all the action!

The next 3 days were able to hop over to New Zealand as the company was launching there, and start building our team from the ground up! It was a great turnout for our trainings and we did get one free day to explore Auckland and Waiheke Island was beautiful! Pictures below! If you ever get a chance to see NZ, do it!!

The girls of course were home being spoiled by Grandma, Hugsy, Mimi, Papa, and Nanny Ash. They said they asked for us the first day or two, then just enjoyed the spoiling from the family! We’re so blessed that we have so many loved ones close who really enjoy spending time with the girls and bonding with them. They girls have such great relationships with them all it makes my heart happy! They have so many people to lean on!

Although the trip was successful for work, and fun to have some time with each other, we were so happy to be back home in our comfort zone surrounded by our beautiful miracles! After all, family is what life’s all about!


Enjoying Bondi Beach in Sydney
The girls at Bondi Beach
Harbour Bridge in the Background. Can you believe we climbed that the next day!!!
Sydney Harbour Bridge in the Background. Can you believe we climbed that the next day!
Gorgeous Ashley in front of Sydney’s famous Opera House where we saw La Boheme that evening.
Opera House after the show. Beautiful evening and the water taxi ride back to the hotel was incredible!
Our group of friends down under are just the cream of the crop! So many great memories with these two!
One of the many vineyards on Waiheke Island in New Zealand. Beautiful country!