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Baby Gear For the Beach or Poolside

So it was Saturday morning and Tyson and I decide on the spur of the moment we needed a break from everything and packed up the babies, loaded up the car and took off on our own little vacation get away. We didn’t go far, just a three hour drive South to St. George, Utah.

We did take the girls swimming for the first time and though I was pretty well prepared leaving 11217550_10152980170406406_757783963448585140_n

spur of the moment like we did leaves you a little short the planning side of things and I admit it, I could have done a little better maybe a lot better in some areas. Isn’t life a great teacher!

So here’s some things you may want to consider for your little one if your husband rolls over in bed in the morning and announces you’re headed to the beach or poolside and you’re leaving in the next hour.


Reusable, quick-dry swim diapers

As you know I’m mostly a disposable diaper girl but after our swimming experience the last few swim diapers days I’ve come to see the benefit of skipping disposable swim diapers and going for a reusable style. Disposable swim diapers are so expensive! You can get them in an adorable print from The Honest Company. Cutest Swim Diapers-Perfect for fun at the pool, beach, or backyard water play! Ultra-light design + premium fit = no more bulky bottom or unexpected messes. 


Don’t Forget the Adorable Sun Protective Hats

On my first time poolside with the babies I realized I was caught off guard and needed four sunhatadorable little sun protective hats. Without sun hats we had to be extra careful and keep them in the shade and found ourselves rushing to get out of the sun just to go into a resturant.

Hanna Andersson has some adorable Sun Protective Hats you can check out and right now they are on sale for $12, an excellent price.


Rash Guard Baby Suit

You can’t be to careful when it comes to all the chemicals you will run into in the pool or the img-thingocean and a rash guard baby suit is a really good idea.

You can get a Swimmy Rash Guard Baby Suit that is easy to get on and off and gives your little one super duper sun protection. I’m all for extra skin care protecting being an esthetician.  You can check their sale price here.


Cool Sun Glasses

I completely missed the boat on baby sunglasses. Not only do sunglasses protect your baby’s eyes from the sun they are essential to everything cool. I mean our past cultural icons of coolness all wore sunglasses; Fonzie, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, John Belushi, and today you’ve got Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Sofia Vergara and even the Olsen Twins (had to throw in a set of multiples) wear very cool sunglasses.

sunglassesI found some very cool sunglasses for the quads over on Amazon. Check out the Real Kids Shades,  Baby Girl’s Explorer – Aqua/Pink! Not only very cute, very cool but also on sale right now!


 Portable Collapsible Bassinet for Babies

I thought is portable collapsible bassinet for babies was the coolest thing ever, if you’re headed to the beach, the park, the mountains or anywhere sunny this is perfect! This is so cool, when its bassinetttime to rest, you just pull the collapsible bassinet from the bag and shake it loose into shape. Place the bassinet insert pad into the bassinet. It has a sunshade on the bassinet that provides protection, and the protective mesh netting can be pulled down and clipped to sides of the bassinet to ensure that bugs have no access to your baby.

It is from makers of EquiptBaby products and you can get it on Amazon right now.

Without a doubt there are a lot of other cool and useful items for protecting your baby from the sun and the elements but this is what my experience in the sun taught me to be ready with the next time we hit the road on the spur of the moment!!