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Backyard Water Party

Ashley’s cousin Jennifer invited us all over to her house for an afternoon of fun in the backyard. She had every blow-up water device known to man in her yard! The girls haven’t gotten out much this Summer, and this was certainly a treat for them!




Initially, all the girls were a little timid getting into the water as there were a few cousins there and it takes them some time to warm up. Evie especially had a hard time letting go of her momma. She just cried for the first 10 minutes. I think it was a little too loud for her, and she was in a new environment.



Indie and Esme jumped right into the action!


Scarlett followed suit very quickly!

By the time I finally got them into the kiddie pool, they were splashing around and having a great time!


I finally was able to get Evie over to the kiddie pool with me, and as soon as I showed her she could splash just like bath time, a huge smile came across her face!


The girls enjoyed interacting will the other kids, but none more than Indie! She just thought she inherited 2 new sisters and 3 new brothers! She was in heaven!!!

We took a break on the swing. Scarlett and Evie loved it!

Jennifer caught some great pics of the girls, but I love this one of the twins lips!

Jennifer made snow cones! Esme decided to put her hands right into her cousins cup. I guess she was just showing them how to share!

After about 2 hours, the sun finally wore us all out, and the girls retired inside for a little play time with some new toys. Its always fun visiting peoples houses, because the girls always find new things to keep their attention!

Scarlett was ready to go, but not without her shades!

Overall, the day was a success and the girls had a great time with Ashley’s family!


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