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Because You Gotta Have Faith

   Faith is something special to me. It demonstrates many different characteristics. It requires of us to follow something we believe in blindly, believing that all will work out in the end. Faith does not come easily, and requires much work and self-mastery. Through our willingness and determination, I believe faith succeeds, and we can be blessed.

Everybody knows our thoughts on Faith. Ashley and I have not been shy in sharing what has brought us to this point. Faith in an integral part of who we are, inside and out. We truly believe that through our Faith in Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, we have these miracles!

I want you all to know how important I think Faith is making your dreams come true. Days may be tough at times, but the burden does not last forever. Have faith in your Father in Heaven, and in his eternal plan for us. Have faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, and his redeeming grace. Also, have faith in yourselves, that you can accomplish even the hardest task. You might surprise yourself at what you can accomplish, if you allow yourself to reach beyond the status quo.

Having faith also means having fun. Ashley and I would have never survived without having fun. Yes, we had many long and hard fought battles, and cried many days, but that was not our entire 8 year journey. We laughed, we experienced new things, we traveled, we learned many lessons through the years. We had a mountain to climb, and we didn’t do it in a day. We enjoyed the paths along the way, and learned to appreciate the beauties we saw that we knew nothing about before. Although it wasn’t the easiest, or fasted path to the top of the mountain, it taught us valuable lessons and gave us a chance to learn more about each other and others than we could have done so any other way. We had fun. We made memories. We had faith that things would work out…..and they did.

These are some fun pics I took today with the girls. I busted out my George Michael T-shirt I’ve saved since I saw him in concert. The girls are the first ones to wear it, appropriately, as “Faith” led them to Ashley and I. They already love the same music Dad does, which makes me happy beyond belief! Its good to appreciate the small things like this in life too, and have a little fun. Life without fun is no life at all. If you take nothing else from this post, remember one thing: You gotta have Faith!  


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