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Well, I hope you have enjoyed the last few blogs that Tyson has written about each of his girls! If you missed them you can find them here..

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I thought It was only fitting that now I did one about our amazing daddy! So this blog is all about Tyson.












Tyson is the oldest of 10 kids, 8 boys and 2 girls, and has taken the roll very seriously! He has always been such a great brother and helped out a lot as his mom has worked most of her life. I believe that this calling helped prepare him for his roll as a father of quadruplets. I remember the day we found out we were expecting quads and I was so scared. I was crying a lot, as I’m sure most of you would. haha I just didn’t know what to expect and I was so scared we weren’t going to be able to do it. I remember Tyson always just rubbing my back and telling me that everything was going to be just fine! In fact I distinctly remember seeing the excitement in his eyes the moment the ultrasound tech told us 4 at the same time the fear and excitement went through my eyes.

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He has never doubted any of this and always had so much faith in me that I was strong enough to do this, even when I didn’t think I could. He has always been the rock that has held me together.

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Like he said in the blog about me, we are like 2 puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. Him being the oldest of 10 and me being the youngest of 5 I like to be taken care of and he likes to take care of me. It works perfect.











Tyson always has had to have an entourage. He loves people around him all the time. I remember when we were first married he would ‘run out to the store real fast’ and come home with 3 of his brothers in tow. In High school I have always heard the stories about how Tyson always had to have a friend around and he had lots of them.











Tyson is extremely smart. He has his Bachelors degree in Psychology and he accomplished this is just 3 years. He always got A’s and they came very easy to him. I don’t think I ever saw him study one time. He has the brain that everything just clicks and he has it forever. Man I wish I was like that. He remembers EVERYONE. If he meets you one time he will know you forever. I on the other hand have the memory of a gnat! We didn’t even go to high school together and we will be out and he will say ‘Hey didn’t you go to school with that person?’ I usually have to jog my memory for a minute to figure it out. He remembers everything.

IMG_5555 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 3
















Tyson’s dad, Bryant passed away when Tyson was just 13. Man, I sure wish I could have met that man. I know we would have been so close by all the stories I hear about him. Jodi, My mother in law, always tells me that him and I would have gotten along great and he would have loved these babies and spoiled them rotten. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we had to wait so long for these babies, Grandpa Bryant wanted a little more time with them.











Tyson is the best dad to these girls. There isn’t a minute that goes by that I don’t hear him giving them little kisses and telling them how beautiful they are and how much he loves them. He would do anything for his girls and he does.











Tyson is obsessed with everything 80’s! He loves 80’s music more than anything and has yet to be stumped on a song. He can guess the song, artist and album it was on within 30 seconds of the song starting. He loves 80’s movies and watches them regularly and quotes them daily. He loves 70’s and 60’s music as well but then occasionally he will totally catch me off guard and play a Lady Gaga song. hahah talk about eclectic taste in music!


















Tyson has OCD, I know that most of you know this one already if you have been following our vlogs on YouTube at all. He has always been this way and it’s a real thing. Things have to be done a certain way for him to feel comfortable. Hence that is why he does all the cleaning around here. I tried to do it when we first got married but he would just go behind me and re do everything so I just told him I would give him the pleasure of cleaning always haha. I joke that he is Monica from Friends.











He is Also he’s germ phobic. It doesn’t matter how many times you have been to our house the second you walk in the door he will yell “take off your shoes and wash your hands!” Most people just know that is him and oblige to his demands. He washes his hands so many times a day that his fingertip are usually cracked and bleeding. I’ve never seen anyone put lotion on and then wash their hands haha. He is learning as the girls get older that he has to let go a bit. It hasn’t been easy for him but I had to remind him that we cant just lock the girls up in a sterile padded room, and that kids will be kids.











Tyson is the most giving person. He will give you the shirt of his back even if he doesn’t have it to give. At the holidays he never wants any presents but he loves to spoil everyone else around him. He also is fiercely loyal to his family and friends. He will defend them to the ends of the earth. He is very sarcastic and like to joke around a lot. Most everything he says he is joking.

baby wearingIMG_8940.JPGIMG_4900.JPG









Tyson is a very blunt and sarcastic person and a lot of the times people don’t know if he is serious or joking. He likes to watch people squirm before he will tell them he is kidding.


tyson working



















Tyson is such hard worker. He works so hard everyday to provide for our family and takes pride in the fact that he is able to. A lot of people think that he doesn’t work because he is here at home with us but that is far from the truth. We both work to run our own business from home and we put in way more hours than if we were working a regular desk job. We feel so blessed that we can work from home to provide for our family and both get to be here to raise our children we worked so hard for. If you haven’t checked out our online shop yet go here

TysonEsme MinkyTysonBently tysonevie2










Tyson is such an amazing father and I am so happy that our babies have him for eternity. There is nothing sweeter than hearing a mans voice get all high pitched and squeaky when talking to a baby. It makes me fall in love with him all over again.












I hope you guys have enjoyed these blog posts; there is a lot more where they came from. We plan to keep blogging and letting you know little special insights into our daily lives often so make sure you check back.

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