Guest Interview Blog or Vlog Poll

February 8, 2019

Hey Everyone! Today’s blog will be short and sweet! What we want to start doing over here is having some guest visit both our blog page and vlog channel. These guests can be from any walk of life. People who have had a direct impact on the girls and us such as Doctors, Nurses, Professionals, […]

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Handling The Critics And Still Smiling

February 7, 2019

First of all, thank you all so much for your awesome feedback and questions from our Instagram posts. They were so fun to read, and I plan on doing several blogs based on them! Today, ill address a question that comes up often, yet has so much simplicity in the answer! Doing what we do, […]

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Spring Playhouse and Swing Set For The Girls

February 6, 2019

Currently we are looking at Playhouses or Swing sets for the girls to install this spring! We have been looking for a few months now, and cant decide which one to get the girls? We have had several conversations with them about what they want, but they always change daily! Swings, slides, playhouse, kitchen, sand, […]

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Furnishing and Decorating The Girls Rooms!

February 5, 2019

This past week has been so much fun working on house projects around here! We’ve finally got to the project that we’ve been waiting to finish for quite a while now; The Girls Bedrooms! Its been a process not only because we’ve been so busy, but mostly because we couldn’t make up our minds! The […]

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What Do We Do For A Living?

January 28, 2019

So this is one of the more common questions we see come across the vlogs and social posts that always surprises us a bit. I’m not sure if its just new followers who haven’t been with us from the start, or those who have and just aren’t quite sure how we do it all! This […]

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What Are Musts To Do With The Girls At Disneyland?

January 25, 2019

Ok everybody, this is where we need your help! As you know we gave the girls a trip to Disneyland for their birthday and will be heading there next month! Everyone is so excited! We had such a blast with them last we went, but feel like they weren’t all the way comprehending where they […]

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The Things You Miss When You’re Away From Home

January 23, 2019

Vacations are always needed and business pays the bills, so we all know that we cant live in our comfort zone permanently! But while we were away on this trip, I took the opportunity to think about all the things I missed from back home, and here is just a short list of them and […]

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Australia was Amazing, But We’re Glad To Be Home!

January 22, 2019

Being away 10 days is quite a long time for two parents that get to spend every day with their children! Im not going to lie, we both had some serious withdrawls over that span, which is why I’m so glad to be writing this blog from my office in my hoodie with the girls […]

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Just A Few Photos With Santa Claus

December 11, 2018

Want to give a big shout out to Loni Smith who always does incredible work with our family! Here’s a few of the Christmas photos we got this year with Santa while he was visiting from the North Pole! Hope you enjoy! This is one of my all time favorites from all the years we’ve […]

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November 26, 2018

This year was certainly one that will leave many memories in our hearts and minds. We’ve had such a wonderful year with many new changes, trials, successes, and of course joy and happiness! God has been very good to our family, and today I want to thank him for all that we have. First of all I […]

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