Fall 2018 Personality Update for Scarlett Elizabeth

September 14, 2018

Thank you so much for your support of these blogs, and your feedback! Im loving all of it! If you missed, the previous two this week, here they are! Indie Esme Here we go with Scarlett! Nicknames: Scarley Barley, Barles in Charge, Squirrel Favorite Food: Chinese Noodles, Cereal Favorite Show: Peppa Pig Favorite Activity: Reading, […]

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Fall 2018 Personality Update for Esme Jane

September 12, 2018

Thank you for the overwhelming support of Indie’s blog yesterday! You guys are so amazing and we love and appreciate you so much! I told you I was getting all the girls up this week, and I don’t want to break my promise! So lets follow up Indie today with her twin, Esme. Nicknames: Ezzy, […]

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Fall 2018 Personality Update on Indie Mae

September 11, 2018

Alright everybody! You’ve requested it, and I’m answering! Personality updates for all of my girls, including Ashley coming this week! Lets get the weeks started off with Indie! Nicknames: Mae Mae, Maemer, Indie Pie Favorite Food: Anything right now. She’s been our best eater for the past month!! Favorite Show: Peppa Pig Favorite Activity: Playing […]

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5 Things I Can’t Live Without

September 10, 2018

Hey guys! Welcome back! Hope all of you had an amazing weekend and did something fun with your family and loved ones! We had quite an eventful weekend. Ashley did the Storytelling Festival all day Friday and Saturday with her Dad, a yearly tradition. I got the girls all to myself! Win/Win! Today I sat […]

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What It Means To Me To Be A Father

September 7, 2018

Today I thought I’d write a few thoughts down that maybe one day ill look back on and remember my thoughts and feeling today. I like to do this from time to time to see how much I’ve grown and changed, or stayed the same. It’s a really great experience, and I recommend it to […]

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Your FAQS Answered

September 6, 2018

One of the most requested and popular blog topics has been these FAQS! So without any hesitation, here we go! -Besides being daily Vloggers, we know Ashley is running her skin care and makeup business; I’m curious about Tyson. Do you do something else, or is vlogging your main job? Great question. I think so […]

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Tyson’s Keto Diet Advice

September 5, 2018

So many of you have been asking me how my Keto diet has been going, and wanting to know a lot of specifics! Well, here’s the blog I promised you! Ill give you a basic breakdown of what I’ve been doing, and also put some links in at the end that will be helpful for […]

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The Girls First Day Of School

August 24, 2018

I thought since this was a pretty big deal around here, I’d get up a blog with all the pictures from the girls first day at Preschool! Of course, Mama Bear got up early, got them all dolled up, and took some of the most gorgeous photos we’ve taken of them! The girls were so excited […]

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Anniversary Weekend: 13 Years And Counting

August 10, 2018

I can’t believe we’re coming up on 13 years of marriage this Sunday! It seems like yesterday I met that bright, smiling spirit who I now have the privilege of calling my wife. At the same time, we’ve walked down a lot of roads together and grown as a couple! There is no one person […]

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The Girls First Horseback Riding Lesson

August 7, 2018

Yesterday was probably one of the best days we’ve had in a while! The girls took their first horseback riding lesson from Eagle Mountain Equestrian and the smiles never ended! They seriously looked like naturals up there on their horses! We were a little nervous in the beginning, but the staff, horses, and the girls […]

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