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Bottles, Bottles, Bottles and More Bottles

BottlesWhat a wild last week it has been! We got 3 of our  girls home, and boy what  a workout it has been!  First of all, we are so grateful that these sweet angels are doing well enough to be home with us! There is nothing better than waking up and having them right there in your home! We only hope Indie will continue to grow and take her feedings better so she can join her family at home!

IMG_6255Speaking of feedings, these kids eat like horses! I cannot believe how many bottles a preemie can take in a day! They might be small, but don’t let them deceive you! As i walked in the kitchen yesterday, Ash hollered down the stairs, “Can you wash those few bottles in the sink?” She planned that accordingly.

I’m constantly looking for new and more economic ways to make up all the bottles we need every day. Its been fun trying out new experiments. Several of you have given some great ideas on our Facebook page, and that is very appreciated! I’ve started with the BlenderBottle, and that has been a great tool while on the go and needing to make several rather fast.

Although you might look at this pic, and get a little scared, it makes me smile from ear to ear! We’ve waited so long to see bottles in our sink, or couch, or wherever in the house, that this site is truly beautiful! One man’s dirty dishes is another man’s dream come true!

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