Child Custody Parenting Plans And Pros And Cons Of Joint Custody Parenting Plan

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Child custody Parenting plans and Pros and cons of Joint Custody Parenting Plan

Nothing better can happen to you if you are out of any parenting plan issues viz. Child Custody. But a few parents are out there who are not as fortunate as you are! Some of the parents may face the devastating turning point in their lives by entering into child custody embroil. Please upgrade your browser

Let me tell you a few basic technicalities you need to know in this regard.

Know the Technicalities of Parenting Plans for Toddlers

If you are going to enter into child custody litigation sooner or later you have to get yourself equipped with the technical issues that you may have to face. If you do this you will get relief with pleader’s fee, court fee and also with frustration to a great extent.

Don’t Decide in Haste

You should come to an agreement beforehand or schedule a plan going through the pros & cons of the situation. Don’t try to negotiate in emergency situation, it will not give you an edge and the agreement made in emergency may not be that affective.

Look for Custom-made Parenting Plan Template

Now-a-days all courts have introduced proposed custody orders but you should not accept it. Every family is a unique family and its requirements differs from family to family and this is the reason you should not accept or go through that proposed custody order but chalk out the custody parenting plan template keeping in view your family requirements.

Common Provisions in a Good Child Custody Parenting Plan

Legal Custody: What decisions are taken by which of the parents pertaining to the education, health, and welfare of the children.

Physical Custody: Generate a time management plan that is suitable for your family. If a kid is involved, you can include a stretched time share plan.

School Breaks, Holidays, and Special Festivals or Occasions: Address each one of it even the Birthdays, Festival holidays, weekends, long breaks and host of others to ward off conflict in future.

After finishing the above, turn to the less urgent, but equally significant parts of a parenting plan like:

  • What happens if a scheduled visit is canceled?
  • Child care aspect
  • Transportation issues
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Vacation and travel plans
  • Access to doctors, records, school personnel etc.
  • Religious issues
  • Other Esoteric Issues
  • No contact with some specific people
  • Smoking and substance abuse aspects
  • Swimming pool constraints
  • What happens if a parent involves in legal battle
  • What happens if a child is dragged into legal trouble
  • Relocation issues
  • These are a few of the issues which can and must be taken care of in a child custody parenting plan.
  • Resolve the Differences in Parenting Plans

Once you figure out the accurate parenting plan for you, take necessary time to “hash out” conceptual differences pertaining to every phase of the sample parenting plan so that in future, both of you are equipped with the guidance and suggestion to resolve the issue.

There are a few parenting plan examples which are most popular:

Divorce Mediator Family Parenting Plan – A Respite

Often a divorce mediator family parenting plan is the easiest, fastest and cheapest method to acquire the assistance required to sort out differences of opinion regarding the possibilities in a plan. Try a mediator if you and your partner are unable to agree with all of the terms of the sample parenting plan.

Put in the effort now, to alleviate anguish and save money in the future.

The perfect divorce mediation family parenting plan should be pregnant with ample detail to address every issue which could catapult an argument in the future.

Joint Child Custody Parenting Plan for Toddlers

Joint child custody is the substitute to sole custody. Joint custody parenting plan enables both partners to partake legal and physical custody of their children.

The objective of this type of parenting plan is to allow children of divorced parents the opportunity for the optimum continuing emotional and physical contact with both parents. It has been witnessed that children grow emotionally stronger when both parents partake liabilities in their lives.

Co-Parenting – A New Possibility

Co parenting is yet another benefit. Child custody courts will take decision in favor of a shared parenting plan in all cases where both parents are equally efficient.

No parent should now be declined child custody, unless there are prominent reasons to believe that his or her parental association will adversely affect the child. The common cases in which courts believed to favor sole custody today are cases where child neglect, domestic violence, or abuse is witnessed.

Opt for Customized Sample Parenting Plan

Generally courts have few sample parenting plans. It is advisable to avoid boilerplate forms.

Your family is exclusive and your custody orders and parenting plans should be crafted based on specific need of your family, not common parenting plan templates forms used by several other who go through the family court embroil.

Be Strong to Handle Grave Issues in Future

Parents often choose to figure out a custodial plan with only generalities because it is easier and ward off lot of technical issues.

What parents do not identify is that in the future, when those issues arise, the parents are then compelled to bear additional attorney’s fees, legal costs, anguish, and frustration when dealing with the problem.

Joint Custody Parenting Plan

This type of plans is most effective when:

  • Parents are still in physical intimacy.
  • Parents can involve in a civil, business relationship.
  • Arrangements are revolved around the children’s needs.
  • Parents are careful to support and not countermine each other.
  • Schedules are static but dynamic enough to be altered, if need be.
  • Financial resources are decent to substantiate two full residences.
  • Factors Responsible for Joint Parenting Plan

Several sociological elements intervened in making joint custody parenting plan the court’s favorite choice when decreeing on custody and visitation issues. Changes in the conventional marital responsibilities and the accelerating number of working mothers are some of them.

Disadvantages Involved

Joint custody parenting plan can also leave certain disadvantages especially when it comes to long distance parenting plans. The serious complaint is about moving of the children from one place to another. However, this can be easily resolved with a fair and feasible practical parenting plan. If parents admit to longer time share spans, the frequency of such move-ins can be simmered down, thus offering more stability to the children.

Changing Face of Father’s Role in Parenting Plan

Child custody courts generally grant mothers the sole custody of their children and visitation rights are granted to the fathers. But now fathers are playing a more prominent role in their children’s lives, out rightly declining the traditional concept of fathers as simple “providers”.


Children are the biggest gift of Almighty! We must not leave them on the mercy of court and society. It becomes parent’s responsibility to secure their future and offer them all happiness in life what they deserve. Let not our differences affect their world of dreams and innocence. Your children need your love not parenting plans! Now, the choice is yours!