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Comfy day

A lot of people ask me if I dress them the same all the time. The answer is….mostly no. Mostly I just dress them in whatever is close and clean because we all know they spit up 10 minutes later and we are onto another outfit for the day. 

I love to dress them every way possible. All the same. Twins and twins all different. Any way I can think of. I do personally think it’s so cute when they are all dressed the same sometimes but it never lasts too long! I just love to dress my babies! I take plenty of pictures of the girls and I want them to know that it’s ok to be individuals and it’s ok to be a sisterly unit! They stand together but they are separate individuals and we celebrate them in every way and whoever they choose to become! 

Outfits today….3 have since changed outfits already 🙂 
Can you guess who is who??? Or is it whom? I’m never sure!