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Current Update On Scarlett's Finger

*Graphic Warning*


It’s been a couple of months now since our little accident, and things couldn’t be better! We appreciate all of the love and concern we have received over the past months for our sweet Scarlett and her finger. I still remember vividly the day that the accident happened, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I still cringe when I hear a door shut now, and all my family and friends are probably tired of me saying “Watch for Fingers” every time they shut a door. The good news is that time is over, and we have moved on. Scarlett is doing excellent, and her finger just as well!










This was her finger the day of the accident, almost makes me cry just looking at it.

This was afterward with her finger  getting ready for more bandage and recovery.










All bandaged up and happy as can be. She was such a trooper!

These pictures were taken yesterday. You can see how well the hand has healed, and how incredibly lucky we are that her fingernail actually grew back, and looks amazing! The doctors didn’t know if she would actually have a nail, they gave her better than 50% chance, but that was it. If you look closely, you can see a tiny scar on the side of her finger where the stitches were. The doctors did a great job!! So we are so excited with how well it looks today, and how fast Scarlett was able to bounce back and heal from the accident! We don’t think she’ll have any problems tickling the ivory!

Once again, thank you all for your love and prayers! They were once again felt and appreciated by all of our family! I know Scarlett will one day look back at all these blogs and posts and feel all the same love that we felt along the way. I thank you for that!


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