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Date Night

Its funny how much you take for granted before you have children. We never realized how precious time was. Even just the small amount of time to take a shower and get ready. Its a tall order finding a minute to ourselves these days, let alone enough time for each other. Having 4 children is still the greatest blessing we could ever receive, and we would never trade that for anything in the world,  but this new adventure in our lives has changed our perspectives on so many things.

Thankfully, we live close to so many family and close friends. My mom and sister were able to come over tonight to tag team the girls while Ashley and I took our first break since all 4 girls have been home together. It was so nice to be able to trust someone to come in and handle the amount of responsibility without having to worry about it. We are so grateful for that.

Since we’ve had all the girls home, we really haven’t thought about the outside world. We’ve been so focused on taking care of the girls, making sure their oxygen tanks are working, that they’re getting all their feedings down, working on getting them on the same feeding and sleeping schedule, doing their laundry to keep up with the clean clothes demand, and so on. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. It is very hard to forget about yourself and your partner when you have these precious babies to look out for. Its a good thing to give these kids all we can, but at the same time, we realize that we too need a break. Even if its just a quick dinner and stroll through the mall. Its therapeutic.

We dont like leaving the girls too long, but i can say it was nice to get a break tonight and just get in the car and drive without worrying if its feeding time or if the laundry or dishes are done. As a parent you put yourself on such a strict schedule for your kids, always trying to make sure they have everything they need. Then you catch a glance at yourself in the mirror and wonder when the last time you showered was. Children, as beautiful and precious as they are change life for you. They help you realize what a gift time is. I myself have realized how much i took my time for granted. Time to myself and time with Ashley. Im not sure if we will ever have that sort of time again with quadruplets, but i can tell you how much i appreciate date night. Every parent deserves a night out to just enjoy each others company, and that is what we did tonight.Date night 3-13-15