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Esme Jane Gardner










Today is all about Esme. Hope you enjoy this Blog!











Esme was our second daughter born. I remember vividly when she was being pulled out of her mother, how long she looked. Her arms and legs seemed so long. I believe she actually ended up being our longest baby! She weighed 2 pounds and 9 ounces at birth.











Like Indie, Esme was named on our trip to Los Angeles to have fetal surgery. We prayed for both of them by name during that trip that all would be well. God heard and answered not only our prayers, but every single one of yours! I think some of you may have been praying too hard, because this Esme has more life in her than I can keep up with on some days!!!


















Esme was one of our TTTS twins, and she was the donor. She was the twin that caught the doctor’s eye as he could not find her bladder. All of her nutrients were going to her twin Indie. I’d like to think she was so worried about Indie being at the bottom of the pile, she was sharing her portions!





















Esme’s middle name comes from our niece Stella Jane. Ashley used to nanny for Stella for a long time, during our bought with infertility. Even though she was her sister’s kid, she was Ashley’s Pseudo-child, and it helped to be around this sweet girl during that tough time. When we were discussing middle names, this one came up fast and stuck!











You guys will love this fact. After all the girls were born, Esme was our most quiet and calm baby. I remember how she would just sit in her incubator and not give anyone any fuss. She was so sweet and calm. I even nicknamed her “Mello Yellow” that first week. 16 months later, the name has not stuck, as she has proven she is no longer “Mellow Yellow”!!

esme faith 2










Esme is our most curious daughter. She is always on the go. You may be able to contain her for a few minutes with a distraction, but she is always wanting to get up and explore what else is out there! I love her curious spirit!





















Although she doesn’t like to be held or cuddled very often, there are small windows when she will randomly come up to Ashley or I and just lay her head on our body and love on us for a moment. We do not take those moments for granted I assure you, as they are very rare!











Esme is neither a Momma or Daddy’s girl. She stays very neutral. I assume this will continue into her teenage years as she knows this will benefit her when trying to persuade her parents.












Esme gives both Ashley and I a burst of energy. Her passion for life is contagious, and it has been a blessing to see things for a second time through her eyes. She can get a little rough with her sisters at times, but most of the time she loves to just interact with them and you can see the relationship building already. She is a people person, and is not shy in the least. She is a born missionary!












I hope you have enjoyed these little extra insights of our Esme Jane.

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