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Esme's Top 5 Favorite Things

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Hope you all enjoyed Indie’s list yesterday! Let’s continue on with Esme today! Here we go!

1. Dolls

Esme loves taking care of her dolls. She’ll get about 3 or 4 of them at a time, wrap them all up in their blankets, and then carry them around the house for hours. Its so incredibly cute, she looks just like a little mommy. She goes all out too, feeding them, rocking them, and even taking them on stroller rides around the house. She’s going to be a great mommy someday!

2. Play Doh

Esme absolutely LOVES creative time. Her brain goes into its happy place and she’s in her own world when she gets to be creative. We noticed early on how artistic Esme was. She would break off piece by piece placing them carefully together until she was finished and then declare her masterpiece to Ashley and I. The attention to detail that she gives while building and playing is incredible. She definitely has a mechanical brain! Can’t wait to see what she surprises us with next!

3. Jewelry

I think out of all the girls, Esme loves jewelry the most! She’s always walking around with her necklaces, bracelets and rings. She loves handbags to put all her accessories in. The more colors the merrier! She loves to get everything all on and run up to Ash or I and declare what princess she is! Truly a girly girl!

4. Makeup

Im pretty sure Esme was the one that coined the phrase “Nakeup” as she loves to watch mama put her makeup on. More recently, Ash will let them apply some lip gloss, and the girls think they hung the moon at this point! But Esme takes the cake; if there’s anyone ever missing from the group, its usually Esme, and always when mom’s applying her makeup. Esme is standing right next to her watching very carefully.

5. Grandma

Shmeegy has always had a unique bond with Grandma. Whenever she visits, Esme is usually the first to run to her, and the last one to leave her arms. They must speak the same language or something. We have so many videos and pictures of these two together, its just interesting to analyze. Although Esme is pretty social and will interact with most family members, Grandma takes the cake as the favorite, no arguments!

I hope you enjoyed this small look into who Esme is and what she loves. Plenty more to come! In case you missed Indie’s blog from yesterday, here it is:

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