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Evangeline and Scarlett

Don’t let these sweet faces fool you; these two know what strings to pull to get the job done! There is much to tell about the naughty twins. Though we’re almost to their 8 month birthday, it seems they’ve already accomplished so much. How incredible it has been to watch these two grow, and watch their personalities develop! Let me share just a little bit about Scarlett and Evangeline! 

When it came time to pick names for the girls, luckily we had quite an extensive list of girl names. Since we had 4 to pick, I feel it made the choosing easier, as we didn’t have to fight over 1 name! So we made things equal as every husband and wife does, and I got pick 1 name, while Ashley chose 3. That’s fair, right?? The one name I have loved forever was Scarlett. I remember watching “Gone with the Wind” with my grandmother years ago, and loving miss Scarlett back then. Naturally I put it on our list. When we found out we were having 4, I knew the odds were in my favor! I also got to choose her middle name, Elizabeth. This is after her mother, Ashley Elizabeth. I thought it fitting that at least one daughter shared their mothers name. 

Evangeline was named by her mother. This was a name her mother loved and had picked out years ago, although I admit I did not love it initially. It has since grown on me and I now know it was the perfect name to give. Her middle name Faith is obvious. We would not be where we are without our Faith. Faith in God. Faith in Doctors and medicine.  Faith in our families. Faith in each other. This was the easiest middle name we chose.

These two are both very quick learners. Evie set this precedent by coming home first. After a 2 month stay in the NICU, she decided she was ready to check out. She met her weight and feeding requirements, and the rest is history. 

Evie and Scarlett were also the first two to roll over. The first week of this was hilarious because they would work so hard to roll over, and once there, continually face-plant and begin crying. This was a constant process for at least a week while they were still building their neck muscles. 

These two both have a smile that is contagious! When they smile, you can’t help but smile. I call it the “Cheshire Cat” grin. They have big mouths like their daddy. They love to smile and they love to talk. Evie is usually always the first to wake. We know it’s her by the singing she does in the morning. She’ll just sit in their talking and singing until one of goes in. It melts my heart. 

Although these two did not give us the worry the other set did with their surgery, Evie did have a small hole they detected in her heart at birth. Nothing abnormal, but coming as early as they did, there was still developments occurring. The doctors thought over time this would close itself up. Luckily at her heart checkup a few weeks after coming home, this was the report of the doctor. Once again one of our babies had proved God had a purpose for them being here.  

This is that contagious smile I’m talking about. Scarlett is really one of the happiest babies! 

Obviously I use the term “naughty” twins loosely. As you can see from this pic, they are absolutely sweet. But they do keep us very busy. They love to be held, which means if they’re not being held, they let us know!! They are also the most vocal of the sets. They’re not afraid to scream out, cry, or try to talk to let you know they want something. Shy is not a vocabulary word they understand. They get this from their father. 

But they get their blue eyes from their mother, and what beautiful blue eyes they are!!!

These two naughties without a doubt bring excitement and love into our home. They give us an energy that never ends and are a breath of fresh air daily. Anyone’s troubles melt away upon holding one of these smiling beauties. We are truly blessed to call them our daughters.

More updates to follow soon!