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Evangeline Faith Gardner










This Blog is all about Evie!!


















Evangeline was our Fourth and last daughter born. She was 2 pounds and 10 ounces. She had dark hair and a lot of it for being born at 29 weeks and 4 days! I thought she looked the most like me when I saw her!













Evie (Ev-ee) was the last daughter to get named, mainly because I didn’t like the name. Ashley had it on the list from the beginning, but it never caught on with me, until the end. Now when I look at her, there isn’t even another possibility for her name!











Evie’s middle name came from our life story. Our miracles happened, we believe due to our Faith in God and his plan for us.








Evie was the first baby Ashley got to see after the birth. They brought her up to Ashley’s face just before they whisked her away to be taken care of. She was also the first baby Ashley got to hold.




















Evie’s fist nickname that I gave was “Heavy Evie”; we did this because at all of the weigh ins every week, she was always the champ! We called her Heavy Evie very proudly, because the weight gain was such a relief!!





















Evie was our first daughter home from the NICU. She came home by herself as she was the first to reach the weight requirement, and also eat proper portions on her own. I remember rooming in with her at the hospital the night before we got to take her home; she slept most of the night beside Ashley and I. It was  a very special memory.





















All of the girls had small holes in their hearts at birth. This was due to them coming so early and their organs not being fully developed at birth. Medicine and close watch took care of most everything, but they did still have a slight concern with Evie’s heart at discharge. We had a follow-up appointment at her 4 month mark just to make sure all was well. If you watched any of our show “Rattled” on TLC, they showed this follow up visit on an episode. Luckily the heart doctor gave us all thumbs up when he did his exam, and we were very relieved, and grateful!

scarkett stealing Evie toy

Evie laughing









Evie is our most emotional daughter. She will be the happiest baby in the room smiling from ear to ear, and in the next moment screaming from the top of her lungs because Scarlett took her toy. She wears her emotions on her sleeve without doubt. Having said that, she loves to cuddle whether she’s happy or sad, so I guess it’s a good thing!











Evie loves to play with all of her sisters. She’s very friendly towards them all, and gets along well. She likes to be part of the crowd, and doesn’t usually wander too far off by herself. She’s like her dad, and loves an entourage.









Evie loves Bentley. She was the first daughter to recognize him at all. She has always been curious with him, always reaching out to touch and feel his soft coat. She loves to play catch with his ball, and he loves it even more I’m convinced. She also loves when he gives her kisses; but lets be honest, dad doesn’t allow to happen very often!


baby wearing 1









Evie is a social baby and loves almost all of our visitors. She is very playful with her sisters and other children. She loves to taste-test things. We have several pics of her with her tongue out. She has  a deep almost raspy voice, and we think it is so cute! She has the most hair, and always has. She doesn’t favor mom or dad, but like Esme is pretty content with both of us! She is our beautiful, happy, loving Squishy Lishy. She is our Evie Bear!

evie faith









I hope you enjoyed these few facts about Evangeline!

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