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Evie Bear Is On The Mend

Its been a rough few days around the Gardner House! Evie came down with a fever Monday morning, and it still hasn’t quite left us for good! I was worried initially that we had a new bug entering the home, and that it was going to flush through all of the girls, and probably mom and dad as it usually does. Luckily I was wrong on that, as its Wednesday night, and all the other girls are just fine!

Evie on the other hand has just wanted extra snuggles all week, even in the middle of the night! That’s been a little rough on mom and dad’s sleep!

Today was the best day as Evie’s energy levels picked up a bit, but she still isn’t quite 100%, and just wants somebody to hold her most of the day, which can be very hard in this house! Here’s a result of one of her sisters trying to but in on her action earlier this week.

Having quadruplets makes it difficult as a parent to give the sick one a little more attention. When one is needing more, there are still 3 others looking for their “normal” amount of love and attention. Some days, I don’t feel like I give them enough when im at 100%. I only hope they don’t say this to me when they get older; one of my worst fears!

Today was great though! We played games, cleaned the house, and even made a Costco run as Evie was showing signs of life. She did great, and so did the other girls! On the other hand, mom looked like she was struggling a bit at Costco! Don’t worry, this is a normal Costco face as we’re trying to keep the girls entertained, get everything we need in the cart, and also stop to talk to incredible followers! That’s sometimes the fun part, although the girls think differently sometimes! LOL.

We appreciate all the love and concern for this little Evie Bear! She’s doing better, and we hope she actually makes it all the way through the night tonight without her midnight snuggle that has been needed this past week. Thanks for the love! Hope you’re all having a great week!