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Evie's Top 5 Favorite Things

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Last but not least is our darling Evie Bear! Here we go!

1. Teeny Nana (Elsa and Anna from Frozen)

All of the girls love frozen so much but I think it was Evie who coined this phrase and its definitely stuck. We’ve done a Frozen birthday party, multiple dress up sessions, and more Frozen movie nights than I can remember. Definitely going to be a staple from their childhood memories! We’re still kind of curious if she likes Elsa or Anna more? We may never know. Maybe that’s why she mashed them together to make Teeny Nana. LOL

2. Bentley

Out of all the girls, Evie has definitely developed a bond with Bentley. Not only does she enjoy playing catch or feeding him treats, she’s really the only quad who will actually sit down and pet him. She’s not afraid of him at all! I think he also knows that because he’s so sweet with her. These two started their bond super early, I remember getting a pic of them just a few months after the girls came home. Bentley just snuggled up right on top of her feet while she was propped up on the couch next to dad!

3. Dress Up

Evie loves to play dress up, especially if its a Disney princess. Besides Teeny Nana, she loves Snow White. We recently just got them all 4 different princesses, and the girls loved them so much, they didn’t want to just wear one; so they wore them all. Ill attach the video below, its hilarious. Also, when we ask the famous question “Who are you brave like?”, she always answers “Brave like a Princess”.

4. Daddy

Evie is probably the biggest daddy’s girl. Its been that way for a while. If she wakes up in the night and Ash goes to calm her, she always requests Daddy. Probably because I let her out and snuggle with her for a bit. (Don’t tell mom). She’s loves to snuggle, and I think she loves the comfort of my papa bear hugs! This phase will never get old for me!

5. Cold Cereal

Evie could eat 5 bowls of cereal every morning without fail! She loves to mix and match too. If she starts with Cheerios, she’ll end with Fruit Loops. Out of all the girls, she probably still likes milk the most as well. Since taking bottles away, the other 3 have really never asked for milk to drink, but Evie sure does love it, and I think that’s another reason she loves cold cereal.

Hope you all enjoyed this blog and all the other girls. I’ll post theirs below just in case you missed one!




Here’s the video of the Princess Dress up sped up!