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Eye Doctor Visit For All 4 Girls

Today we had our Follow up eye visit for Indie and Esme, as well as the first visit with this specialist for Scarlett and Evangeline. Indie and Esme first saw this doctor on a recommendation from our pediatrician. Their eyes were showing small signs of possibly turning in, and he wanted to be preventative and thorough, so we had them checked.

Indie and Esme’s first check went very well, and the doctor didn’t see anything that looked scary of threatening. She asked that we bring them back in 6 months and double check, as well as looking at the other two since they were all preemies. Once again this was all precautionary and all looked good to this point!

Today, the girls got dressed and loaded early as we headed to the doctor in Riverton, UT, which is about a 30 minute drive from our place. They did great on the ride, unloading, and even up to the doctors office!

This bubble machine caught their eye as we walked to check in at the front desk. We needed to stop and check out all the pretty colors and bubbles! The girls were mesmerized!!

As we got back into the exam room, Indie started getting really anxious and even started whining a bit. I think she remembered the last visit, and definitely didn’t like those drops they had to put in her eyes to dilate them! The other girls just examined the room and watched the cartoons that were playing on the tv.


The Doctor came in and of course made a big deal about how big the girls were getting and how beautiful they were. That never gets old! Of course we started with Indie, because the day would just not be right for mom is we started out of birth order! Her checkup went great, and the doctor thought her eyes had improved perfectly, and really couldn’t see any signs of them turning in at all. They were perfect! Those earlier signs could have just been prematurity, but we were happy to error on the side of caution and make sure all was well, which it was!

Esme went next! She loved the doctor and even gave a few shy smiles as she was being examined! She received the same great news as Indie did; perfect check up! Nothing to worry about!!

This was Scarlett’s first eye test with this new doctor, and she was a little apprehensive. She’s already our shy one, so she clung tight to mommy as the doctor did the initial eye exam. Her and Evie never showed signs that their eyes were ever turning in, so we weren’t too worried about their exam. The doctor soon confirmed this for Scarlett, as she got a perfect review!

Evangeline was last! Its hard to believe technically she is our baby, because of how big and brave she always is. She just sat their patiently as the doctor did her exam, flashing lights and holding her attention. Once again, we got a perfect check up!

Since Scarlett and Evie didn’t get the full near/far site testing done before like Indie and Esme did, they decided to do it today. This required putting those awful drops in their eyes to dilate them. Evie of course took it like a champ. Scarlett cried the entire time. The doctor told us it would take 30 minutes for the drops to kick in, so we ran downstairs to the cafeteria to grab the girls lunch!

Mom ordered one of everything on the menu! I think she was more hungry than the girls. About the time that our food was finished and we settled into a table to feed the girls, our pager went off that they were ready for us to come back up! We packed up the food, and mom continued feeding the girls on the stroller ride back up to the top floor.

Scarlett and Evie’s last test went pretty quick. The doctor put on all her fancy gear and checked them out thoroughly. They both passed with flying colors not giving any red flags or indicators of anything to worry about! Overall, the eye check up for our 4 preemie babies went better than expected, something we’ve become comfortable with experiencing.


Although today was kind of a routine, precautionary check-up, it reminded me of how lucky and blessed we are. God has truly given us 4 miracles and blessed them each with health. This is something we cannot be thankful enough for. I just keep thinking back to all the doctors advice along the way of Ashley’s pregnancy that we needed to prepare ourselves for what could possibly be ahead. All the potential doctor visits, potential delays, p0tential health concerns. God has looked over this family and shown us that faith works miracle. How humbled and blessed we are to have what we have. We love these girls more than anything, and God has shown his light down upon us once more!


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