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Gardner’s Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: What type of discipline do you plan on using with the girls at this age and when they get older?

Answer: At this point, we just redirect them. In the future, we are not sure but it will comes as it comes. It’s more about love. I think it will be different with every situation and every girl.

UPDATE: Lately we have been using “time out” If someone doesn’t something naughty (mostly pulling their other sisters hair) I hold them on my lap and fold their arms for about 20-30 seconds and tell them no no and state what they were doing naughty.


Question: Do you and Tyson plan on moving into a larger home?

Answer: Yes! Hopefully within the next year!


Question: Why do you not put all of them in the quad table together sometimes and some in the highchairs?

Answer: It gives each of us a little more space to feed all the girls, but when they are all in the quad table together, it is nice and quick, but we are bumping elbows and it is really tight. They are all in the quad table together often though.

UPDATE: We now don’t put them all in the quad table because mostly Scarlett and Esme try to crawl out. They can’t crawl out of their high chairs. Also, Esme gets so mad that we won’t let her crawl out that she throws a fit till we just put her in the highchair.


Question: Will you have more kids?

Answer: It would be a bigger miracle for me to have another one now than the quads are with my medical condition. Our next option would be adoption. With four 1 year olds right now it is not an option, but never say never!


Question: Why do you not take the girls out in public during the winter? Do you give them the chance to interact with other children besides each other? Have you considered any places to go?

Answer: In the summertime it is one thing because it is not flu and RSV season. We have girls that were in the NICU with underdeveloped organs and they are still in that developing stage, so during the first two winters we are going to keep them inside due to the RSV season, cold temperatures, and flu season.


Question: Are the girls personalities very different?

Answer: Indie is becoming super feisty, but she has always been our calm one who likes to keep to herself. She is very independent. Esme is so funny, playful, and loves to giggle with her sisters. Scarlett is our mischievous, sweet, quiet one. She is sneaky and is the most cuddly. Evie is our smiley, happy, and emotional baby.  

Question: What are the girls different nicknames? Where did they come from?

Answer: We are like a nickname family. Bentley is Beesy (pronounced Bee-SEE) and Beesy Bear, Tyson is Bear, and Ashley is Little Bear. Indie is Indie Pie, Indie Pie Hi, Indie Pie Hundred, Pumpkin Head, Pumpkin Pie, Pot Pie or anything that has to do with Pie. Esme is Ezzy, Sezzy Ezzy, and Sezzy. Scarlett is Barley, Scarley Barley, Letty, and Letty Bear. And lastly Evie is Heavy Evie (because she was our biggest baby at 2 pounds 10 ounces, we don’t call her that much anymore now), Lishy, Squishy Lishy, Evie Licious, Licious, Beauty, and Delicious Licious.

Question: Do you ever feel like you are giving more attention to one of the girls? How do you fix that?

Answer: For us it is not as much are we giving more attention to one versus the other, but it is more questioning if I’m giving them each adequate attention because I feel I’m spread so thin. We interact with each of them individually, so they all get a lot of attention, but it is hard with feeling that like you never give them all enough.  


Question: How did you meet?

Answer: Ashley’s family actually moved into my neighborhood when she was about 14. We lost contact for a couple years, and a friend ran into Ashley and invited her and I to lunch together. We went to lunch, and the rest is history!


Question: Do you intend on having the girls all in there own rooms or do you want them to share rooms when they get older?

Answer: We will see how it goes. Right now each set of twins has there own room and I think they like it that way. I love them having a bond with each other but on the other hand I loved having my own room growing up. I want them to be their own individual as well so if we ever have a house with enough bedrooms then that will probably happen in the future.


Question: Do either of you regret the fact that you do not have any sons?

Answer: No! We cannot imagine life without our four daughters.


Question: How was the process of choosing girl names? Was it difficult?

Answer: No because we only had girl names chosen. Over the years, we had made a list of girl names we had liked.  Here is the video of our name reveal


Question: What do you think the biggest misconception is people have about families with multiples?  

Answer: It is that people say it must be so hard and yes it can be, but it is such a joy.


Question: What did you do before you had the girls?

Answer: Tyson worked in the sales department for a company called Blender Bottle. Ashley was an esthetician, a makeup artist, and worked in a tax office.


Question: Do the girls tend to favor Ashley or Tyson? If so, which one favors who?

Answer: I don’t feel any of them favor either of us.


Question: Will you get the girls’ ears pierced?

Answer: No, we will let them choose that when they get older if they want that. That will allow them to all be able to take care of their own ears. Plus mom is allergic to most jewelry and my ears swell up and hurt really bad. I would hate for them to have that and have to go through that at such a young age.


Question: How do you get the girls to sit still to do their hair?

Answer: I don’t, but something that I find that helps is I have special toys designated only for hair time. Other times, while Tyson has them in their highchair eating I quickly go and do their hair.


Question: Do you have the books you read the girls memorized?

Answer: Yes!! I read them all the Nancy Tillman books. She is my favorite children book author!










Question: How heavy is the quad stroller?

Answer: It is super heavy. I would guess at least 80 pounds.


Question: How many siblings does Ashley have?

Answer: I am the youngest of 5. I have 2 older sisters and 2 older brothers.

Ashley's siblings










Question: How many siblings does Tyson have?

Answer: I am the oldest of 10. I have 7 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters.









Just one brother missing in the photo – Elijah.


Question: What are some of the girls favorite foods?

Answer: Soup, bread, yogurt cantaloupe, fruits, and veggies. They love Vienna Sausages and their little puff snacks.









Question: How many loads of laundry do you do?

Answer: Probably 2-3 loads a day on average.


Question: Do you ever get sick of vlogging?  

Answer: Yes, but I mostly just enjoy making them! It is a lot of work with editing it, but now we can always go back and see what I did on a certain day.


Question: Who is the noisiest?

Answer: Tyson: Evie; Ashley: Esme


Question: Who is the drama queen?

Answer: Evie










Question: Who is most likely to cause trouble?

Answer: Esme











Question: Who is most likely to say a sentence first?

Answer: Ashley: Scarlett; Tyson: Evie

UPDATE: Indie was the one to say her first words on March 27th. 2016


Question: Who is the happiest?

Answer: Indie


Question: Who is most like Mom’s personality?

Answer: Ashley: Indie; Tyson: Evie


Question: Who is the most like Dad’s personality?

Answer: Esme


Question: Who is the most likely to potty train first?
Answer: Indie


Question: Who is the most likely to become president?

Answer: Ashley: Evie; Tyson: Esme










Question: Who is the most likely to be a movie star?

Answer: Scarlett


Question: Who is the most likely to be a vet?

Answer: Evie- She is the only one who really pays attention to Bentley and likes him a a lot.


Question: Who is the most likely to be a teacher?

Answer: Scarlett










Question: Who does Bentley have to hide from the most?

Answer: Evie


Question: Have the girls tried play equipment at the park yet?  

Answer: Last spring, we took them down a slide and sat on a swing with them at my aunt’s house. This summer I think they will actually enjoy it and realize it.


Question: Who is the most likely to bungee jump?
Answer: Tyson: Ashley


Question: Who is the most likely to run off to Grandma’s house?

Answer: Evie  


Question: Who is the most likely to try and eat snails?

Answer: Esme


Question: Who is the most likely to excel in the military?

Answer: Indie


Question: Who is the most likely to like scary movies?

Answer: Indie and Esme


Question: Who is the most likely to love swimming?

Answer: Indie


Question: Who is the most likely to love reading?

Answer: Scarlett, every time I start to read a book she is always the only one who will pay attention the whole time and is totally into it, she has been like this since she was born… see here


Question: Who is the most likely to volunteer at a homeless shelter?

Answer: All of them, we will instill good values in them their whole lives and this will be a regular thing.


Question: Who is the most likely to be OCD like Dad?

Answer: Scarlett or Indie


Question: Who is the most likely to enjoy makeover spa day with Mom?

Answer: All of them. Mom is an esthetician, It’s in their blood to love this kind of stuff.


Question: Are you going to do a season 2 of “Rattled”?

Answer: We don’t know yet, when we know you will know 🙂










Question: Who loves bath time?

Answer: All of them, but Esme the most!


Question: Who eats all their food?

Answer: Scarlett and Evie have been doing pretty good lately.


Question: Will the girls go to Preschool?

Answer: Probably, but we will have to talk about it a little more.  


Question: Will you homeschool?

Answer: Probably not!


Question: What is the girl’s favorite colors?

Answer: They don’t really know colors yet, but we chose colors for them. Indie’s is pink, Esme’s is purple, Scarlett’s is blue or red, and Evie’s is mint or turquoise.









Question: How was the transition to one nap?

Answer: Rough! They’re grumpy some days with only one nap.

UPDATE: We have moved them back to two naps a day. They don’t always sleep the two naps but they go have quiet time in their cribs. They seem to like it better this way.


Question: Who steals the toys the most?

Answer: Scarlett


Question: Are they ever all cranky?

Answer: Yes, there are some of those days!


Question: How do you keep your sanity?

Answer: I think we have a benefit that a lot of families don’t have because we are both in the home all day. We work as a team!










Question: Did Dr. Minton deliver the girls?  

Answer: No, he was one of our neonatologist, that means that he takes care of the girls in the NICU. I had an OB who delivered the babies.


Question: How are you going to handle the girls now that they are starting to walk and get into everything?

Answer: We go along with it because we enjoy it, and we are going through this all for the first time.


Question: Do your family members still mix up the girls?

Answer: Yes. Madison has them down pretty much since they live the closest and stop by the most.


Question: How long do you plan on vlogging?

Answer: I don’t know. If you keep watching, we will keep vlogging!