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FAQs Part 4

Warning, this blog contains graphic content of Scarlett’s finger when she was in the ER. If you do not want to see that picture, skip over that question. Thanks!

No introduction, here we go:

-Is there a particular day or time that stands out where you had the best time with the girls?

There are so many to choose from, but I think for me, the one I remember so vividly is the girls first time seeing the ocean. Our entire trip to Hawaii was just magical and full of so many memories, but this one took the cake from the entire trip. The girls were talking about the ocean from before we even left the house all the way to the hotel. At this time, they had been watching Moana on repeat, so the ocean was so magical to them. I just remember Scarlett and Evie’s eyes lit up like the stars the first time the ocean crept up and tickled their toes. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. Scarlett especially was fascinated. I remember the who trip her constantly trying to swim out into the ocean all by herself! It was crazy!

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-How’s Barley’s pinky all this time after the accident?

So for those of you who don’t know, Scarlett was our first child to visit the ER. Daddy accidentally shut her finger in the bathroom door. The tip of her finger was in the backside of the door, and it almost took it clean off. It was dangling by a thread. To see our initial reaction and blog with photos, click here. Long story short, the ER doctor did an amazing job saving the tip and sewing her up. We followed up with a specialist who also did an amazing job treating the wound and helping with recover. The finger has a slight scar on the outside, but she didn’t lose the nail, and looking at it from any normal distance, you can hardly tell anything ever happened. She was such a trooper through it all. Our tough Scarley Barley!

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-What’s the hardest part about managing the girls individual personalities?

I think most parents can relate to this because I think all children come with their own set of instructions. Our are no different, and they are all unique. I think this actually makes it easier to parent and give them what they need because they all need different things. Ashley and I are also different and we teach and love differently, so its very helpful that we can split things up and make sure the girls are completely given all they need and want. This does take some adjusting, because there are times when you think you have it all figured out and they all change their minds on what they want. Patience is the key with these growing miracles. Honestly they teach me more than I can ever teach them. I think overall the hardest part is just making sure we’re giving them enough time and attention as individuals. Everything else just falls into place.

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-How have the Costco trips changed since they were younger? Now you’re not buying diapers and wipes, what things do you buy in bulk?

Great question. Those first couple of years were incredible costly and we were frequent visitors at Costco. They should have put a poster of our faces up by the diapers and formula because you would have thought we were sponsoring the products as much as we were in there throwing them in our cart. Its been a nice adjustment to our bank account getting off formula and potty training. Today, I wouldn’t say we do a ton of bulk shopping other than fruits. The girls appetites and food likes change so constant that we don’t ever really stock up on one thing. They do love all fruits though, so Costco is good for the bulk packs which they do always finish. I’m happy to report our Costco monthy bill has dramatically lessened.

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-The girls are obviously very comfortable with each other, but what are they like with other children?

Good question. I would say they are great. They enjoy having visitors over to play, and love going to Leah’s house to swing, or to the park with friends. They absolutely love Baby Mack, Crew, and Jett coming over and think they are the big sisters helping out. Esme especially flourishes with other children. She is not shy in the least and will always be the first to walk right up and see whats going on. You can see from a recent vlog here her interaction with Brex from This Is How We Bingham. They were peas in a pod the entire time at the park! Evie is very outgoing as well and likes to interact with most kids. She does it a different way though. Where Esme will go up and make eye contact and talk, Evie just gets right into the action. If were swimming, she’ll just walk right up the crown and go down the slide without a thought or care. Scarlett and Indie are a little more picky about who they let in the inner circle. They’re kind of like their father in the way they like to sit back and analyze the situation and person before they put their full trust out there. Its almost hysterical watching them from my standpoint! I love it.

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-What about a vacation in Germany?

Ashley and I have always wanted to visit Europe, especially Germany. Two of my brothers served missions there; Drake in Munich and Garrison in Frankfurt. I’ve always thought it would be fun to go back there with them, especially since they speak the language, and have them show us all the sites! Hopefully someday soon!

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-What is your all time favorite thing to do as a family right now?

Honestly, in this moment, its just enjoying summer nights in the back yard. We’ve waited so long to own our own home, and to now be able to share that with our children and enjoy it as a family, its a dream come true. We’ve put so much hard work and time into our new home, me personally, I don’t really like to leave. I love enjoying the summer weather in the freshly landscaped yard, listening to my children running around laughing and playing enjoying life. That is happiness to me.

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-When will the girls start school? Will they be in the same class?

They start this Fall and will all be in the same class. We are very happy about that. We’re excited to watch them continue to grow and flourish with more interaction and education. They are literally little sponges right now, soaking up everything they take in. They’re going to do awesome! The school we picked is incredible with great facility and wonderful teachers. They will be very safe and very well taught!

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-If each of the girls personalities had to fit a Friends character, who would they be?

I love this question because Ashley and I love Friends! Since there are 6 main characters, and 6 of us, ill do mom and dad too!

Indie- Phoebe without a doubt. Indie is sweet and friendly but crazy all in the same minute. Kind of beats to her own drum!

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Esme- I’m thinking Chandler. She’s hilarious, always making everyone laugh, but also kind, great at sharing and taking care of others.

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Scarlett- I’d say Rachel and Phoebe. She takes after Ashley a lot, so most of those characteristics mentioned below, but she’s got a little crazy in her too and loves to giggle.

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Evie-  A mix between Joey and Monica. Easy going and and loves to have fun, but in certain situations can turn on the heat and get competitive.

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Mom- Would definitely be Rachel. Very beautiful and outgoing, loves to shop, passionate, and loyal.

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Dad-Definitely Monica. Love to clean, organize, a little OCD, and can be over the top with agendas! LOL.

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Well, that was fun. Im sure if you  asked me again in a month my opinion would change! LOL

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