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FAQs Part Three

You guys, im loving all of your questions and insights! Thank you all so much! Todays blog will be answering all the ones posted today on my Instagram page. In the future, id like to start narrowing these down to specific topics. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments on my Instagram, or on the post where you found this blog! Here we go!

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-Are any of the girls left-handed?

This is actually a great question because we still don’t know. All four of the girls still use both hands for different things. This isn’t really surprising though, as I’m ambidextrous at many things as well. Out of the four, I find Indie and Esme using their left hand the most. I think we’ll start to see a lot more clearly this year as they’re doing swimming, school, and outdoor activities. Hopefully they all use both, I think that would be pretty cool!

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-How are the toddler beds going?

Probably the number one question asked about before we switched them over, and now still the top question wondering how they are doing. The answer is they are doing fantastic! They nailed it the first night! Slept from the time mom put them down til 8 the next morning! They’ve been on schedule ever since. We have a routine we do with them at bedtime, so not to just surprise them with “you’re going to bed”. They’ve seemed to adapt quickly, and actually love going to their “new beds”. Its almost been like a fun thing for them. Honestly, I think  they are so proud that mom and dad have been making such a huge fuss at how big they are and how smart they are, they love showing off. We’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how fast they’ve adjusted, and also just how good they are. You’d think it would be a nightmare with 4 toddlers trying to do anything, but time and time again they continue to show us how blessed we really are! That’s the truth!

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-Which girl can talk or knows the most words?

Esme. She never stops talking. She’s constantly telling you something, showing you something, asking something. She never stops. She always wants to know what’s going on, where mom and dad are going, who’s coming over, where we’re going today, etc. She loves to show your her art projects and toys, and tell you exactly what she’s doing. If there was ever a great toddler communicator, its Esme without a doubt!

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-If you didn’t live in Utah, where would you want to live?

Great question. I think Ashley and I would have very different answers. Ill try and guess for her, but im pretty sure it would be somewhere warm and tropical like Hawaii. She hates the snow and tolerates the cold. I’m on the other end of the spectrum. I don’t necessarily love the snow or cold, but I hate when its too hot or humid. I love the mountains and the 4 seasons. I feel like each one gives you a breathe of fresh air. Honestly, I love Utah so much, I don’t know if I’d want to be anywhere else!

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-How did you meet the Binghams and the Revellis?

Great and fun question. Ill give the short story. So when we were filming season one of Rattled, They would send a local camera man to certain shoots they wanted more angles and film on. His name was James, and he lived here in Utah counts. Well small world, he reached out to me one day and said he had a friend who was a huge fan and wanted to meet us. He introduced her as the grand-daughter of Charles Schultz. Knowing James would never invite a crazy person over, we set up a time to meet his friend. Stephanie, Adam, and Steph’s mother came to our home one night, draped in Snoopy gear for the girls. We spent about an hour visiting and getting to know one another. We really didn’t become close though until the Binghams entered the scene. So fast forward a year or so, and I get a random email from Branden Bingham. He wanted to do a Youtube collab with our families. In the beginning I didn’t know how serious to take this guy. He kept talking about his wife and children, but kept using the terminology a 16 year old would use; such as epic, rad, insane, and savage. LOL. Eventually I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and we met their family at a park for a collab. The rest is history as you know. We hit it off, loved their family, and have been friends ever since. Small world, they lived in the same neighborhood as James, Steph and Adam. So when we found out everyone knew each other, we just starting hanging out with all the families. Like I said, long story short!

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-Is nanny Ash still with you? Haven’t seen her in recent vlogs.

Yes! For those of you who don’t know, Ash is enjoying a 6 week vacation touring Europe. She’s having the time of her life, and sends videos and messages daily so we can enjoy the trip vicariously through her! She misses the girls, but is soaking up every moment of this trip, which is a once-in-a-lifetime trip! She’ll be back her the second week of June, and we’ll be so happy to have her home!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Plenty more to come, you guys threw out a ton of questions on my last post! Wow! Some of them require some thinking, LOL.

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