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FAQs Part Two

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More of your questions answered!

-Are Indie and Esme identical? Why did they used to look so different, but now are looking more alike?

Great question! I wondered this for a while myself, lol. I think it all goes back to the NICU days. Indie had the wear a CPAP machine for quite a little bit of time, where Esme never needed anything. I think this really shaped her head and even face a little in the beginning because they were so early, and still growing so fast. There is also the TTTS that these two endured. There is much to be said on this, but it would take me weeks to write about. The time between finding it and curing it could have had an effect. The surgery could have had an effect. These two had a very rough road to travel in the beginning. The good news is they did it and are thriving now, and I think all of you can see this! I definitely agree that as they are getting older, they are definitely looking more alike!

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-Are they all potty trained?

Yes, for the most part. Obviously they have accidents once in a while, but every single one of them is completely day trained, and 2 of them are night trained as well. The other 2 are right there! We’ve been letting them still get a glass of water at night, so I think as we’re closing that out, they’ll be right there with the other two.

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Check out my potty training blog here.

-Does Bentley have a Quad he likes most?

I don’t know If Bentley cares one way or the other, but Indie and Evie love to play with him the most. They are constantly playing keep away with him and chasing him around. Esme will occasionally throw his toy at him, but not as often as the other two. Scarlett doesn’t really ever give Bentley any attention. She’s just not into dogs I guess? LOL

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-Laundry Secrets? You guys seem to keep their clothes pretty clean!

First of all, thanks for the compliment on this question. I don’t know if we really have any good tricks other than thinking ahead of the game. When we’re eating messy foods or doing art projects, we strip them down or put aprons on them. They are pretty clean eaters though too for the most part. They love to wash their hands, and always let me know when they’ve had a spill so I can clean it up. I’m sure my constant cleaning around them has something to do with that. Ashley thinks im nuts and going to give myself a heart attack. Maybe she’s right. Whenever we do get a stain though, I just use spray n wash. I let it soak in for a bit, then was separately on cold and hang dry. It usually does the trick for most things. The key is to treat it right away. Im sure other mothers out there have far better spot removers, but this has worked for us!

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-On the vlog, why is it hard to hear talking at times? The music is loud, but the talking is low?

This can be from several variables. When we record, usually we are using several devices. We have both of our iphones, and we also use the Go Pro. They all record with different sound settings. If I remember, which is rare, I can adjust the volume from clip to clip to match up. I apologize, but most of the time when im editing, I forget. Ashley is much better at this. I have been working harder lately on matching everything up, and also lowering the music so it doesn’t blast from music clip to talking clip. Thank you all so much for your patience. Im not a very savvy tech guy, but im trying to learn as I go!

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When are the girls going to school? Will they be home schooled?

We’re starting them in pre-school this Fall. We found a wonderful school we love and we think they will thrive, just like they do wherever they are. It will be good for them to be challenged a bit more. We do as much as we can, but they are so smart and growing so fast! They need more and more as the days go by! In the beginning I wanted to home school and keep them with me forever, but over time we talked and decided this would be the best route for them and our family.

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-Did any of your brother serve missions?

Yes. As most of you know, we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Usually around 18 or 19 the boys are called to go on missions and share our gospel. The girls usually go around 20 or 21. This is of course not mandatory, but a decision each member makes on their own. Of the 8 brothers, 6 have served. My sister Denver married right after High School, and Madison has not decided on going or not. I did not serve, and Oakland is saving for his mission after High School. Of the 6 that served, here is where they went:


Bo-London, England

Joey-Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jackson- Atlanta, Georgia

Elijah- Novosibirsk, Russsia

Garrison- Germany

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-Are you going to let your girls do swimming lessons?

This was the plan last summer, but our schedules got in the way with traveling. 2017 was crazy! This summer will be a lot more relaxed, and our plan is to have all of them in lessons. Both of us learned to swim on our own, and are great swimmers. That being said, having four toddlers, we do get a little nervous around water. We’ve never been to pool or ocean without a one-on-one situation. Swimming lessons I think are a great idea!!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this blog! Many more to come! Below is a peak at the last FAQ I did last week! Enjoy!

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