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Fighting Fires and a Car Crash Over a Very Busy Weekend

This weekend was very eventful for the us as we were helping gather donations for the firefighters fighting this awful fire just south of us. The girls really got into the helping spirit! We took them along with us to Costco as we loaded our cart with all the necessities the firefighters were asking for. The girls were so happy to help load everything in the carts, and then unload at the drop-off points.

Mom gave them a little pep talk after we dropped everything off telling them why we were doing what we were doing. It was really awesome watching them listen intently as she explained there were people in need, and we were able to help them, so that’s what we do! I hope they remember that pep talk forever!

Here’s the girls so proud for helping load the car! I was proud of them too!

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Here’s a couple of pics of the fire over the weekend.

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After a very long day of working hard, we decided we were going to get take-out and not cook. Mom stayed behind to get a little work caught up on, and I loaded all of my sweet girls to go with me to pick up our favorite Mexican Food, Mi Ranchito! On our way to the restaurant, we got a little more action that we were planning on!

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Im not really sure what happened, but while at a dead stop waiting for a red light, somebody slammed into the back of our car! The jolt took me completely by surprise as everything was so calm an serene at the moment just before. The girls were watching their favorite Halloween movie on the screen, and I was just looking around at the changing leaf colors. Then bam! Just like that.

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I turned around immediately to see if the girls were hurt, and luckily each was just sitting there with their eyes glued to the dvd they were watching. My heart began to beat again. I looked behind me to see a young girl behind the wheel of the car that hit us. I slowly pulled to the side of the road to clear ourselves of traffic. She did the same.

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I just sat there for a minute gathering my thoughts. I’ve never been rear-ended. It was not fun.

I don’t want to get into too many details, but the girls was completely fine, as were all of my girls. Thank goodness for quality car seats and seat belts. My neck and back have been a little sore, as well as my right wrist, but im hopeful they’ll all heal after a couple of days.

I still don’t know how she hit us, especially at a dead stop? Her reason didn’t make sense to me; she said her shoe got stuck on the pedal. I thought it was the shoe she was wearing, but then she pulled another shoe out from her car and showed me? I was speechless at that point.

So many of you reached out concerned about the children’s car seats, and I want to let you know they are all being replaced. Thank you for all of your information and advice!

The girls are running around just fine today though, so im hoping we don’t see anything down the line. Im thankful for all of your concern and prayers on our behalf. We truly appreciate all of you caring so much!

Wish us luck as we get our car put back together! Hopefully this week moves a little bit slower, I’m running at half-speed today!


For our most recent vlog, including our Saturday shopping spree for the firefighters, watch our video below!