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First official Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day in past years has been a VERY difficult day for me! It was just a reminder of everything I wanted but was not and didn’t know if I ever would be! Tyson has always tried to make it special anyways and keep the tears to a minimum for me! He would do thinks like send me flowers from Bentley and watch my favorite chick flick with me and cook me yummy dinner if we weren’t with family. 

Mother’s Day should be a day to celebrate ALL Women! Young, old, children or no children! All women are a mother to someone or something. For me it was always my nieces and nephews and friends children and then Bentley! As women we have this Divine nature to nurture and love in a way no one else can! For this reason make sure to make this day special for your wife, grandmothers, sisters, girlfriends and your daughters who deserve a day of recognition! 

At church they dedicate all the services to mothers and over the years it became harder and harder to listen too. Not because I wasn’t happy for the other mothers. I was just sad I wasn’t one of them! I started not attending on Mother’s Day every year because it was too hard. 

This year my dreams have come true! I am a mommy this year. To the 4 most beautiful girls in the world and one sweet puppy!  Knowing Tyson I’m sure he has something spectacular planned for me!

He asked me what I wanted this year for Mother’s Day. I only had to think for one second and said…

‘All I want for Mother’s Day is to go to church and be able to enjoy the day! I want to find someone who isn’t a mother yet and give her a hug! And I want you to make me ham for dinner!’ 

That’s it! When you have waited so long to be a mommy your babies are all you need! 

But of course Tyson wasn’t satisfied with only that answer. He likes to give gifts! So here are my top 5 Mother’s Day ‘THING’ presents! 

1: flowers, mainly tulips…I love how long they last, and the vibrant colors make my soul happy. 


2: A Monster Minky Blanket from Minky Couture! I own 2 and I can’t live without them and always want more!  Guys, if your wifey doesn’t have one of these this will make her day! Every woman deserves one of these to cozy up with! For Mother’s Day they have a special code for our blog followers for 40% off! That’s HUGE! Go to Minky Couture and use code ‘quadsquad40’ to order a blanket! And don’t forget to sign up for their emails to get future offers! 

3. Spa day! Every mother deserves a day off to relax, whoever said stay at home mothers have it easy should be slapped!!! We work and we work HARD 24 hours a day! Who doesn’t love to get their hair done or get mani/pedi! 

4. A MASSAGE! Professional or from my husband! I love both, but having 4 babies leaves little energy for either one of us to give each other a rub down! So I love to go to my favorite massage place and have Coy send me to a place of total relaxation! 

5. Something meaningful always makes me happy! For example: one year Tyson had everyone close to me write a letter with memories they had of me and put it into a book for me! Or he leaves me little notes all over the house in places I will find throughout the day ie: silverware drawer, bathroom drawer, car and purse. 

I really just want to snuggle my babies all day long and eat some ham dinner! It’s going to be a wonderful year! Tell someone who has yet to have their dream of having a baby that you love and appreciate them. Give them a hug!